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How do I get my money from Western Union

Customer Question

I lost , in the mail system, an envelope containing $117,000 of Western Union money orders that were being sent to my bank account. This occurred in2003 and Western Union, hiding behind Integrated Payment Systems has refused to reimburse these funds even though they have never been cashed and I have waited 5 years for some sort of justice. They have demanded that I get a double indemnity bond to protect them from me ????? Does this make any sense or is Western Union so large they can just openly steal funds from their clients and get away with it?........Is there some way that I can get assistance from someone in your organization or are you only in the "answer" business?.....Over the last few months they have refused to even return any enquiries from are legal funds and were part of an investment group .......I would gladly pay $10,000 for assisstance in retrieving our money.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Protection Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 8 years ago.
If WU refuses to return money it took from you, you probably have to sue WU in Court. You may have a problem with the statute of limitations, so you should include a cause of action to impose a constructive trust over the funds WU took and seek to recover any profits WU made from using your money these last 6 years.
You need to consult an attorney in Texas to look into how to sue WU for this.
Expert:  RobertH replied 8 years ago.



I agree with NCalAttorney that the statute of limitations may be a problem. I have some questions. Who mailed the money orders from what city? What city were they mailed to? Were the contents of the envelope insured? What proof do have that there was that much money in the envelope? Do you have a copy of what Western Union agreed to do if their money orders were lost? You may have a cause of action for fraud and the statute of limitations varies from state to state on that.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I assumed that I would have to sue them to get any satisfaction but after contacting several lawyers in Dallas they seem to refuse to even take my calls afer they speak to WU and they inform them of the double indemnity bond which they are demanding.

I mailed the money orders from Dallas, Texas to a bank account in Nevis

The contents were not insured , only sent by normal US mail. I had done that before without a problem. . I created the problem by not insuring them and by saying I had mailed them . If I had said they were destroyed in a fire or accidently thrown in the trash they probably would have reimburssed me.


I have the receipts for all the money orders which all state that they are guaranteeed against loss. WU doesn't question that they were lost.They have never been presented for payment. It was my own stupidity that they were sent uninsured which raised their suspicion and they then demanded a double indemnity bond which I tried to get but all the bonding companies had no interest in doing business with me..

They have also stated that there are escheatment laws which require them to send the funds back to the state of Texas if they remain unclaimed.????

The problem is that I am claiming them and I'm sure they wont be sending anythi ng back without being forced to.

Another problem is that I'm extremely short on funds at this point and couldn't pay any up front legal fees.

I am a Canadian citizen , had lived in Dallas for several years, and am presently residing in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic..

I guess when I saw the ASK a Lawyer website that I got my hopes up that there would be some sort of answer that didn't involve a lawsuit and the expenditure of more money.

A second question would be...Can you recommend a lawyer in Texas that would take this case on a percentage basis? [that doesn't want half my funds.]

I appreciate your interest but I'm really looking for an answer that will solve this problem.


Les and Lynda Lehmann



Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 8 years ago. is a directory of collections attorneys in Dallas, some of whom offer a free consultation. Collections lawyers often work for a percentage. is a directory of personal injury attorneys there. They also often work for a percentage, and a lot of them advertise they offer a free consulation.

I'm sorry every attorney you asked said you probably have to sue, but that remains my opinion. Hopefully you can find a lawyer in Texas to handle it for you.