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Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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Experience:  Field service technician for CAT 19 years.
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Can the type of transmission oil use cause the problem of

Customer Question

Can the type of transmission oil use cause the problem of high oil temperature in caterpillar 980c seria # 63x1379.
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  catmastertech replied 2 months ago.

Yes but, it is not very likely unless it is the wrong type of oil too.

Only use a transmission oil equal to or exceeds CAT specs'. 30W is the most common if you work in very hot climates a heavy grade can be used or in very cold climates a thinner grade.

Never you automotive ATF like Dextron, it is too thin. Never mix grades and only use multi-weights that meet CAT specs'.

Expert:  catmastertech replied 2 months ago.

Cat TDTO (Transmission/Drive Train Oil)

Cat TDTO exceeds the requirements of the Cat TO-4 transmission/drive train oil specification by passing five more Cat tests.

Cat TDTO is balanced to give maximum frictional material life in powershift transmissions. Cat TDTO also helps eliminate brake chatter in wet brake applications in Cat machines. This oil passes the requirements for the TO-4 oil specification which includes the frictional requirements and gear wear requirements. This oil is offered in several lubricant viscosity grades.

Cat TDTO-TMS (Transmission/Drive Train Oil-Transmission Multi-Season)

Cat TDTO-TMS exceeds the requirements of the Cat TO-4M transmission/drive train oil Performance Requirements by passing additional Cat tests.

Cat TDTO-TMS is synthetic multigrade oil that is developed to provide optimal performance in transmissions, wet brakes, final drives, and hydraulic compartments that must operate in wide range of temperatures. Cat TDTO-TMS can be used in Cat machine compartments where Cat TO-4 and TO-4M oils are recommended. This oil can be used in other manufacturer machines that recommend TO-4 or TO-4M Performance Requirements oils.

TDTO-TMS is specifically formulated to reduce transmission gears wear, improve the performance and efficiency of transmissions in cold weather, especially for machines with electronic controls, and to ensure long life and excellent performance for gears, bearings, and friction disc materials.

Cat Transmission oils are formulated for transmissions and drive trains only, and should not be used in engines. Shortened engine life will result.

Do not use the Cat GO (Gear Oil) or commercial gear oil in the machine compartments unless specifically recommended by Caterpillar. The gear oil can cause seals to fail. The seals can also leak. The gear oil may not be compatible with friction materials. The oil can reduce the efficiency of the transmission and the brake performance.

Commercial Transmission/Drive Train Oils

Note: Non-Caterpillar commercial oils are as a group typically second or third choice oils. Within this grouping of second and/or third choice oils there are typically tiered levels of performance.

Cat does not warrant the quality or performance of non-Cat fluids.

Commercial oils that are substituted for the Cat TDTO must comply with the requirements of the Cat TO-4 or the Cat TO-4M transmission/drive train oil Performance Requirements.

Note: Commercial multigrade oils must meet the requirements of the Cat TO-4M specification to be used in transmissions. Multigrade oils that use high molecular weight polymers as viscosity index improvers may lose the viscosity effectiveness. This effectiveness may be lost by the temporary shear of the polymer viscosity index improver. Permanent shear of the polymer viscosity index improver may also occur. These types of multigrade oils are not recommended for Caterpillar drive train compartments. The Cat TO-4M Performance Requirements include a test for the shear stability of multigrade oil.

Expert:  catmastertech replied 2 months ago.

These are the original specifications for your machine.

Transmission and Clutch Oils (CD/TO-2)

Use Service Classification CD oils that have satisfactory performance in the Caterpillar Oil Test Number TO-2. These oils are referred to as Service Classification CD/TO-2 oils.

The correct amount is 62 liters or 16.5 gallons. Overfilling a transmission will also cause overheating when the machine makes long runs.