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Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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Experience:  17+ yrs. shop and field experience with all major brands of heavy equipment and trucks - 1995 WyoTech graduate.
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1994 Caterpillar D3C Series III Dozer 3046 Caterpillar

Customer Question

1994 Caterpillar D3C Series III Dozer
3046 Caterpillar Engine
Power Shift transmission
Serial No.: 06SL00567
Can you provide me with the complete information to replace the brake components and final adjustment of the brakes. Would like to know also any and all parts on the dozer that will need removal for access.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  Dan replied 7 months ago.

Hi Robert. My name is***** will be glad to try to help. Bare with me while I pull up some information

Expert:  Dan replied 7 months ago.

NOTE: The above illustrations are of vehicles equipped with pedal steering. Hoses, tubes and routings are different on vehicles equipped with hand steering.

Torque for all 3/8 in locknuts that hold the rod ends in place on the rods ... 17 ± 4 N·m (13 ± 3 lb ft)

(1) At assembly, apply 5P0960 Multipurpose Grease to all spherical surfaces on yoke.

(4) 8J6785 Spring:

Length under test force ... 32.0 mm (1.26 in)

Test force ... 46 ± 4 N (10.3 ± .8 lb)

Free length after test ... 52.3 mm (2.06 in)

Outside diameter ... 49.43 mm (1.946 in)

(5) At assembly, apply 5P3413 Pipe Sealant to threads.

(7) At assembly, apply 7M7260 Liquid Gasket to the common faces of cylinder and steering clutch case.

(A) Dimension between steering clutch housing and head of bolt (2) ... 8.0 ± 1.5 mm (.31 ± .06 in)

Steering Clutch Adjustment

When adjusting the steering clutches, the brakes must be released. Put blocks in front of and behind both tracks to prevent machine movement during steering clutch adjustment.

NOTE: The adjustments to the left steering clutch are the same as the adjustment to the right steering clutch.

1. Release the brake pedals.

2. Make sure there are no bent linkages.

3. Loosen nut (3) and adjust bolt (2) to obtain dimension (A) between steering clutch housing and head of bolt. Tighten nut (3).

4. With the pedals against stop, adjust the length of rod (6) so there is a clearance of 0.75 ± 0.75 mm (.029 ± .029 in) between cam (8) and the roller on the end of the valve group.

NOTE: On vehicles equipped with hand steering, the steering levers must be against the stop.

Expert:  Dan replied 7 months ago.

Also be sure the valves under the floor panel do not have flat spots on the cam rollers. This is the number one cause of allowing the clutches/brakes to drag and wear out prematurely. You can replace the rollers and spools if worn beyond the roller. Replace the rollers if there are any flat spots.

Expert:  Dan replied 7 months ago.

Outside of these adjustments the R and R is pretty straight forward. Rais the tracks off the ground and support machine. Drain the clutch housings, remove the seat and all panels/components above the clutch housings, disconnect the hoses and linkage. Remove the top covers and disconnect the yokes to the brake assemblies after backing off the adjusters. Once the covers are removed remove the plug on the side that will line up with the clutch drum bolts and remove the clutch drum bolts while using a hoist or forklift etc to spin the track to get to all the bolts on the drum assembly. Remove the cylinder mounting bolts to remove the hydraulic cylinder from the clutch housing wall. Once all bolts are removed you can cling the assembly and hoist it out of the housing.

Expert:  Dan replied 7 months ago.

I meant sling.... Not cling. Sorry about the typo....

Expert:  Dan replied 7 months ago.

Hi Robert, Did you get this resolved? If so please take a moment to rate my service as that is how the site credits my time for helping on the site.

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