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JD CT322 2006 less than 700 hrs Starts and runs for maybe

Customer Question

JD CT322 2006 less than 700 hrs
Starts and runs for maybe 2-3 seconds. Will restart multiple times but same results. Plenty of fuel in tank. Have codes F985 and F9P8. Any suggestion for fix. Thanks Ed
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  John Oliver replied 10 months ago.

good morning Ed my name is ***** ***** you still need help with this?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
your question is the only response so far.
Expert:  John Oliver replied 10 months ago.

ok give me a couple minutes to look up these codes and ill reply back with answer

Expert:  John Oliver replied 10 months ago.

here we go....

F985 is a high temp for the hydr. oil code. most likely not your issue and a old code

F9P8 code is generated when there is an issue with the park brake circuit. this is probably why the machine is cutting out on you. 2 solenoids to check. first is the Y5 park brake solenoid that is located on the front side of the turbo going into the hydraulic oil filter housing

that should ohm out at 7-10.5 ohms

the second coil that can cause this code is the Y4 coil that is located on the main control valve located at your feet under the cab. that coil is on the left side of the valve and should read out at 8.2-9 ohms (this is most likely your issue)

the monitor sees that one of these coils has failed and will not allow the machine to run due to safety concerns being park brake. check these out and let me know what you find

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Sorry for the delayed answer. Going to test the Y4 &Y5 solenoids now. I cleared the fault codes and the F985 code is current...came up on first try to start after clearing the codes. So please give me info on F985. Thanks Ed
Expert:  John Oliver replied 10 months ago.

the F985 code is for hydraulic oil temp high. That sensor is a bit harder to get to. it is located in the hydraulic oil tank (the only sensor in the side of the tank) that is a 2 wire switch that is normally open so you could test continuity on it. should have power on one side of the machine harness going into the sensor.

Expert:  John Oliver replied 8 months ago.

good afternoon Ed. just checking on old cases and saw this one was still open. are you all set on this? if your in need of more help just give a replay otherwise if you can take a second to rate the service i can close it up

have a great new years ed

Expert:  John Oliver replied 8 months ago.

Ed, can i close this case out?

Expert:  John Oliver replied 7 months ago.

all set here?