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Cat 262 skid loader wiring problem. Parking brake does not

Customer Question

cat 262 skid loader wiring problem. Parking brake does not appear to release. Light on steady. Motor starts. No hydralics for wheels or bucket. Repaired several mouse chewed up wires behind cab in wiring loom(###) ###-#### Parking brake appears to release but light now flashes. Hydralics to bucket and auxillary now work but no hyrdalics to wheels. Do not have a schematic. What causes parking brake light to flash?Does this point to where problem could be?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  Jeremy replied 10 months ago.

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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
My background is in industrial maintenance with emphasis on electrical. My mechanical experience is shade tree mechanic. Skid loader is not actually mine belongs to friend. Machine is sitting in field as it won't move. As I said earlier found several wires that appeared to have been chewed by mice. Repaired all wiring that we could see had been damaged mainly in wiring loom(###) ###-####located behind cab( this info from tag on wiring loom)but I suspect some hidden wiring damage. Internet searches suggest ECM problem(failure??). Given history I believe wiring problems not ECM failure. Don't know where this module is located or how to access or correct trouble shooting procedure(again don't have schematic). I do have page showing both sides of three connectors pyhisaclly close to damage(one 31 pin,one 12 pin and one 6 pin) in wiring loom that allowed me to match up wire and repair damaged wires in above mentioned loom but page I was given only shows connectors with wire numbers on each side no info concerning where wires come from/go to and purpose. After repairing approx. 20 wires(stripped and soldered together) bucket and aux hydralics now work but machine travel hyd. still do not work. Parking brake light was on solid but after repair now flashes after pushing button that is supposed to release brake. No pattern as to number of flashes just one flash after another. Other than just starting to strip machine down out in a field trying to find problem(not my first choice) I have run out of ideas. Keep thinking parking brake light going from being on solid to flashing is pointing to something but what? Or is it leading down wrong road? I am guilty of tunnel vision from time to time. Maybe finding this ECM will show wiring loom to it and show additional wiring damage? Or?
Expert:  Jeremy replied 10 months ago.

Can I get the machine serial number and the serial number off the engine so I can pull up the wiring schematics for it and get them to you to assist you?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
The machine serial number is CAT00262LCED03155. Don't have engine serial number and machine is not close but I will try to get that info. To follow up on the info I sent to you Sunday I was trolling internet and found pdf file on your guys website and did some more troubleshooting. Machine in question is plain 262 no letters. Using that file Test step 4 result is NOT OK proceed to step 5. Removed floor cover and there was black box with 70 pin connector there are wires on pins 29 and 68 but wire numbers do not match up as step 5 E mentions. Similar looking black box located behind seat with similar 70 pin connector with wires on pins 29 and 68 with wire numbers that do match up to step 5 E. Perhaps the ECM mentioned? Removed connector.Ohmed out pin 29 to pin 68 on wiring harness found open . Don't know what/where the hydrostatic pilot valve is but not alot to pick from as far as electrical valves so I choose valve located behind left joy stick that appears to be plumbed into hyd. for wheels. Removed connector from valve ohmed out valve coil showed about 10.5 ohms. Checked continuity from each wire at that connector to pins 29 and 68 of wiring harness taken loose at box behind seat both showed open trying all combinations. Not sure if I am checking what I think I am checking. Does this sound correct? If so is this the correct valve? Is it a 12 volt operated valve? Can I jumper 12 volts directly to valve to check operation? Valve has one black and one white wire and no wire numbers I can read and both pins of valve show open to machine ground. If I jumper I would assume polarity does not matter and coil is electrically isolated from machine ground? Also checked every fuse in fuse block all showed good just I case I missed what the pretty little pictures showed as to what fuse does what. No printed info to verify just grabbing at straws. Wiring harness from 70 pin connector to valve shows no damage with fairly heavy outside loom protector so I am assuming mice would have to have chewed thru outside to damage inside. Should there be 12 volts at output of pins 29 to 68? I didn't check because that will require cutting wires in 70 pin connector and extending wires outside because cab must be raised to access and lowered to check. Didn't want to cut if these are wrong wires and I am looking at situation wrong. But sometimes desperate situations require desperate solutions. If there should be 12 volts and is not,next step?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Also found another answer on your guys website from "catmastertech" dated June 7,2009. No downloadable file at least I couldn't figure out how to download but his answer included what appears to be similar file as link I sent you but for a Model 262 without letters. It mentions ECM located behind seat.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Sorry forgot to add link to above mention answer.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Additional troubleshooting today. Had someone with better eyes than I have look at wiring. Found wires at valve solenoid I thought might be called hydrostatic pilot valve in file I downloaded from your website and white wire at valve has wire # A958 and black wire has wire # 202. Traced wiring back to 70 pin connector at black box behind seat to pins 13 and pins 66. Ohmed out wiring from disconnected 70 pin connector pins 13 and 66 and it shows approx. 11 ohms. Disconnected connector at valve ohmed out wiring confirmed white wire appears to be pin 13 and black wire appears to be pin 66.Perhaps the valve behind left joy stick is actually parking brake solenoid? Is black box(ECM?) programmed to cause flashing park brake because problem with safety switches or from something else? Lap bar wiring is three wires maybe multiple switches? NC and NO or more?Could failure of one of the switches/wiring make programming think down so ok to start but not ok to move? Lap bar up machine won't start. Lap bar down machine starts parking brake light on solid. Keep lap bar down push park brake switch light flashes. Program of ECM won't allow release of park brake solenoid? Afraid to jumper wiring into ECM if I am wrong 12 volts into wrong place could cause smoke. I have found once you release the factory installed internal smoke from most electronic devices they no longer work. If this valve is parking brake solenoid is it 12 volt isolated valve? Can I jumper 12 volts directly to valve?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hello????? Anybody out there???? Ten days and no response?????? I mean other than charging my card?????? Hello???
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hello???? 14 days still no response. Hello??? Please respond!!!

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