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Curtis B.
Curtis B., Technician
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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Experience:  Technican turned service manager with multiple lines of equipment and rental units.
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My cat 416b blew hyd. line and i set the bucket down and cut

Customer Question

my cat 416b blew hyd. line and i set the bucket down and cut machine off immediately. the hose is the large one located toward the rear just past the hyd. oil filter. The hose which is about 2 feet long and passes over the drive mechanisms and attaches the 90 degree fitting to what appears to be a control valve unit. Just below the nut on the hose there are two small lines going into the same unit I had to remove the ends of the two small lines in order to remove the fitting which has a 90 degree connecting end. This has to be the most aggravating thing i have ever done! after finely getting new hose installed and the two small lines reinstalled i added hyd. oil and thought i was back in business. Surprise! the boom want raise or open and close. They appear to be trying. The boom wont raise but appears to be trying. The stabilizers work but slower than normal. The front loader wont work but tries. the boom tries to move in both directions but does not move. Once the boom lifted about two feet normally but stopped . The same thing happened with the front loader. I can't see anything wrong. I did notice two blue wires coming from what looks like two solenoids located on top of the control unit. The wires look as if they may have been pulled from a double wire connector which has two yellow wires entering it. I stuck the blue ends into the connector which didn't seem to change anything. Any words of wisdom PLEASE! I am seventy five years old and this one has me about to give up!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  Bradley Martin replied 1 year ago.

Sounds Like you got air in the system have you tried cracking the line that you installed and seen if it has oil coming out and not air

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