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Having an issue with a square baler - NH. As the knotter

Customer Question

having an issue with a square baler - NH. As the knotter makes the knot, the twine will not come off the right hand side. If my wife rides on the back of the baler, and gives the twine a knudge to the left, it will make a perfect knot. What needs adjustment? The swiper?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  John Oliver replied 1 year ago.

hey Randy my name is ***** ***** ill see if I can help you out. These knotter questions are kinda difficult to diagnose over a computer but I can give you a few things to check.

first off if you are having an issue with the twine coming off the bill hook the first thing I woud look at is the wiper arm and make sure its as tight to the bill hook as it can be without causing damage. it is acceptable to bend the arm as needed.

also I would check the alignment of the needle on that side. you said if she gives the twine a nudge it will work. manually trip the knotter and let the twine needle cycle up and meet the twine disc to make sure its not feeding the twine to far one way or another

when I walk up to a baler with a knotter issue the first thing I do Is compare the one that works to the one that doesn't. not very scientific but it works last thing... make sure your hay dogs are springing back into place and not allowing the hay to spring back after the plunger strokes....that will allow the twine to bounce out from a rigid position and cause issues. remember you have hay dogs on the top and the bottom of the bale chamber

hope this helps....check these things out and let me know what you find and we can keep knocking things out from there

Expert:  John Oliver replied 1 year ago.

good morning randy, were you able to resolve your issue? can I close the case or get you more info?

Expert:  John Oliver replied 11 months ago.

Randy, are you all set on this?

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