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Yesterday I had a bolt break off on my T-190. It was on the

Customer Question

Yesterday I had a bolt break off on my T-190. It was on the linkage on the left travel lever that ran the cams for forward and reverse. I replaced the bolt but then it seemed locked up when I started it. Did I get the plate that attaches to the square head of the pump out of place when I locked it back on? I that even possible? That's all I can figure.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  Fieldtech59 replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I need to better understand which bolt you had to replace and what components you had to remove to make the repair. Starting at the drive pump, the pump has a square shaft on the top of the pump, that shaft controls the swash plate inside the pump to give you forward or reverse drive. A pintle lever is attached to the pump shaft to control movement of the shaft by the operator. The pintle lever "clamps" to the pump shaft via a 3/8 bolt. A control bar is attached to the opposite end of the pintle arm and extends to the front end of the machine and attaches to the hand lever that the operator uses to control the drive.

On top of the pintle arms for the two drive pumps is the drive centering plate that provides the spring tension to return the drive levers to neutral (null) when the operator releases the drive levers.

Bobcat used two different types of pintle arms on their machines, 1) a one piece aluminum pintle arm, shiny aluminum in color, and 2) a two piece steel pintle arm, gold shiny steel in color.

Which pintle arm does your machine have? Which bolt did you have to replace? And which components did you have to remove to do the repair?

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