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dieseldan55, Mechanic
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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Experience:  Road Mechanic for Volvo Construction Equipment.
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I have a ec15b digger also keeps cutting out we have changed

Customer Question

Hi there I have a ec15b digger also keeps cutting out we have changed the solenoid but still does it .The other day started it ,not even moving and after 5 minutes it stopped.Then you start again then runs for a time then stops again.Is this a relay problem.?
Thanks in advance,
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  dieseldan55 replied 2 years ago.
more likely a puma issue but possible. What is it that happens the hydraulics quit or the machine shuts off?
Expert:  dieseldan55 replied 2 years ago.
looking at the schematic for the ec15b, this machine will have a black control box with several relays next to it. Re13 control's the power to the switch / solenoid. so if this relay was intermittent then it could also be the issue. I have had to replace the control box for starting or stopping issues and also have replaced the relays at times for various failures. SO if when this problem occurs you could test to see if there is power at the solenoid and if not work backwards from there to find power loss. Try swapping the re13 relay with a like relay as well. re13 is the small relay of the three in line together by the computer. the one furthers back should be re13.