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Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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Experience:  I worked on all types of equipment semis,forklifts,farm,ect.
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I am using a Terex R070T compact skid loader. I am digging

Customer Question

I am using a Terex R070T compact skid loader. I am digging dirt out of the ground and moving it. I filled the bucket and the loader stalled. I tried to restart - it was sluggish. After a few tries the sound changed. It sounds like the starter is spinning but it is not engaging the engine (if that makes sense). There is a noise but the engine is not cranking. I put a jump starter on it - no change. I checked most of the fuses - they all looked fine. Any idea?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  spankyjr1 replied 2 years ago.
Hi and welcome my name is ***** ***** you for your question.You are making perfect sense, good explanation of what your issue is.It sounds like the bendix in the starter broke.When the starter is engaged the bendix is what moves the starter gear to mesh with flywheel ring gear to turn engine over,when they fail you hear a whining noise and engine does not turn over.This usually happens when there is to much of a load on starter,,possible causes like what happened to you is, the hydraulics did not disengage during engine cranking,so during cranking the starter was not only turning engine over but trying to drive the hydraulic pump at the same time.This is not something you would have done unless you were trying to use controls during cranking.The starter will need to be removed and tested,,you can have it bench tested at most auto parts for free if you bring them the starter.I wish I had better news but at least it was not your fault you did nothing wrong.Questions or problems let me know I'm happy to assist.A rating is required. You’re rating my personal service to you, not Just Answer. I am not an employee of this website, nor do I have control over the fees or the time it took for you to get a response. I respond as soon as I see the questions in the order that I receive them when I am online.Also rating does not close your question, it just assures Just answer credits me,,, has nothing to do with you.You can continue to follow up as long as needed even after ratingThanks spanky