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Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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Experience:  I worked on all types of equipment semis,forklifts,farm,ect.
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Cb24 double drum compactor overheats all the time. radiator

Customer Question

cb24 double drum compactor overheats all the time. radiator waterpump have been cleaned and checked. could it be timing.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  spankyjr1 replied 2 years ago.
Hi, my name is ***** ***** you for your question.
What engine do you have in this make,model,and serial number?
Cat sometimes uses other engines in their machines.
Year of machine?
Is cooling system getting over pressurized?
What type of fan drive,,electric,hydraulic,,solid?
Has injection pump been replaced or messed with? That would be the only way timing would effect over heating,,or fuel turned up.
Does engine exhaust have any smoke and if so what color?
Are you loosing any coolant? either out radiator overflow or un known.
You replaced thermostat, did you replace with OEM or a lower temperature? What about T stat seal?
How many hours on machine?
You want a excellent 5 star answer & I would like to be rated the same for providing it. Consider I don't know your skill level & I can't see,
smell, hear, or touch the vehicle. It may take a few back and forth replies. Try your best to respond with good detail so I can do the same
A rating is required. Your rating me, what I type. I am not an employee of this website, nor have control over the fees or the time it took
to get a response. If you rate negative or not at all you still paid, but I get nothing. I want you pleased with me and my efforts, so let me
know if your experience here has come up short.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
192 hours engine C1.5 solid fan motor has been rebuilt on timing gears because they had a bolt dropped into oil filler. Thermostat bought out of caterpillar does not loose coolant when hot and using a mechanical gauge to check against electrical temp gauge. Think it is a 2011 model. serial number is ***** I am the fitter for the workshop but before I started this machine was rebuilt and we do not have any records
Expert:  spankyjr1 replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for info.
If injection timing was off enough to cause overheat you would have seen cracks in pistons crowns with head off,,white colored exhaust valves on stems,, so I don't think that is your issue.
This engine also has timing sensors that would throw a code if timing was off.
First I would confirm radiator is good (I see you had it checked)get a laser temp gun for about $20,, shop around,,check temp from top to bottom,,side to side,,all over.
Radiators,, some times they can't be cleaned out and need replaced.
Make sure engine fan is on correct direction,,I have seen them blow when they should suck and suck when they should blow,,fan can just be turned around or flipped over,, if its possible on this application.
Please copy and open link in new tab.
How hot is engine getting? This engine does run hotter than most when under heavy load,, 220 degrees is not to high,,start to worry if it is getting over 230. Engine damage will start to occur when over 240.
Is engine shutting down from overheating? a light would come on and shut down engine.If its not you are okay.
Questions or problems let me know I'm happy to assist.
The deposit you placed will NOT credit me for my work unless you Rate my performance.
You can still reply to me as many times as needed, even after the rating...

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