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Have a cat d5b sa, when turning left under load (left steering

Customer Question

Have a cat d5b sa, when turning left under load (left steering clutch dis-engaged), the right track will suddenly stop. Does not seem to slip, just instantly stops.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  catmastertech replied 2 years ago.
Hello,Does the engine stall when you pull the left steering lever?
Expert:  catmastertech replied 2 years ago.
If the engine is not stalling or chokes off, check the linkage to the steering control. The release yoke could be stuck.Most D5B tractors had a cover on the rear you could remove and see the steering clutch operate. If the you is not moving and the clutch does not drive, you have a failure in the right side. This could be the steering clutches or the final drive. You could have a broken input shaft to the final drive or a hub that is loose and slipping on the shaft.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Engine does not stall or lug. Tractor is new to me. Purchased with chipped spur gear in final. Cat rebuilt final (same side that slips now). Is there a pressure relief for steering clutches? Trying to find my service manual. When turning left, tractor acts like the right steering clutch gets dis-engaged also (should be driving). Only under load. Replace tranny filter? Thicker tranny fluid? Really want it to last through this job if i have to do steering clutches.

Expert:  catmastertech replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the reply.Steering clutches are SPRING applied. They must be released with pressure from pulling the steering lever. (It is actually a boost assist to the lever to help the hand pull work easily.)Steering brakes are MANUALLY applied by pushing the brake pedal. Most do not use the brake pedal until they must make a sharp turn.Steering pressure is regulated the same to each clutch to push the yoke in. Depending on your serial number, you can remove the rear covers on each side and see the clutches release when you pull the lever. The steering brake is just a brake band around the outside of the steering clutch. The band will tighten around the clutch drum and stop that track turning when you press on its brake pedal. Transmission oil pressure should not be an issue as the oil is common to both steering clutches. You would not be able to release either clutch if oil pressure is low.Only use 30W transmission oil. Thick oil will cause the pump to starve and burn out. You likely have a worn out steering clutch or a slipping hub to the steering clutch.If you cannot see inside through the rear covers, the fuel tank and rear covers must be removed to access the steering clutch housing.A visual inspection should revel what is loose or broken.

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