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Dan, Technician
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Satisfied Customers: 5564
Experience:  17+ yrs. shop and field experience with all major brands of heavy equipment and trucks - 1995 WyoTech graduate.
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1999 550 Telahandler reseal trans inside shifts 1forwad 1reverse

Customer Question

1999 550 Telahandler reseal trans inside shifts 1forwad 1reverse 2forward sometime 2 reverse no3or4. Main psi is 140 to 150 has new shifter and all new silinods
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
Expert:  Dan replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is***** will be glad to try to help. But first could you tell me if you have the shop manual handy for your serial number machine as I have experience on these machines but I would need the specs from your manual to help you with troubleshooting this. There are a couple of things. 140-150 seems low to me for pressure. Do you have the specs. If the pressures are low and all the solenoids are powering up as they should in each gear position you could have either internal leakage in the transmission still, a control valve problem, or a weak pump. Let me know if you have the manual and if not I can likely help you with a PDF format one available for purchase so we have the specs to troubleshoot this. I worked at a JCB dealer and also was field service for Cat. I will be glad to help you with this.
Expert:  Dan replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I see you are having trouble getting back to our origional question. Let me know the serial number of your machine and I will see what I can gather for the specs or at least the manual to help.
Expert:  Dan replied 2 years ago.
Hi, Did you get this resolved? I wanted to follow up to see what you found and if my information was helpful to you or if you still needed more help? Let me know and I will get this question closed out for you if you don't need further help with this. Please feel free to rate or accept if you found my information helpful as that is how the experts receive credit for their time helping on the site.