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Wayne, Journeyman
Category: Construction and Road Equipment
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Experience:  worked on many road graders, Bull dozers , skid steers, Rollers
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The battery in my Gehl 4840 skid steer now needs replacement.

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The battery in my Gehl 4840 skid steer now needs replacement. But what replacement? The existing battery (1000CCA by Trojan Battery) appears to be a Group 60, which may not longer be available. Unfortunately, maximum battery width is 6.5 inches. So the choices seem quite limited.
Hi I'm Wayne,
I will help you with this,
Good Afternoon,
Delco sells them
here is a web page
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'd seen that battery with the "fake" caps since it is actually maintenance-free. My concern with that is the CCA rating. The Gehl manuals specify 950 CCA, but I think the Delco -repro battery is around 600 CCA or less. Another thought was the Group 29F which apparently is available at NAPA and others.

Gehl must have a lot of these machines in the field, alll starting to need replacement batteries. I am wondering what the factory recommends, and have an e-mail question into tech support, but of course they are closed today and tomorrow.


I appreciate your answer, and would be more inclined to go with a 29F both for reasons of cost and (perhaps) higher CCA. Do you have any related thoughts on cold cranking amps, and whether the Delco repro is a better bet than a 29F. Do you agree that a regular Group 60 battery is no longer available, except for the repro? Do you know how Gehl is dealing with this issue?


I must leave now, but will get back to this later. Thanks for the inputs so far. Anything further will be appreciated, but my options are getting pretty clear.

Hi Thank you for that

Yes, I do not know why they are phased out Group 60
if you have a Advanced Auto near you they have Group 27 750 CCA
935 Cranking Amps, $110.00

Height:8 13/16 in
Length:12 3/4 in

Width:6 5/8 in
I would like to say that 750CCA is plenty for a 3 cyl diesel engine

CCA is A rating similar to normal cranking amperage but measured at 0°F.


group 29F/29M , everything I am reading is a Marine deep cycle battery

you don't want that , it will have a short life

Yes that Delco is a little high for a look alike , and lower cca

Wayne and other Construction and Road Equipment Specialists are ready to help you
Thank You
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It turns out that the correct battery was a Group 31 battery, according to a local Gehl dealer, and a query to Trojan Battery. I didn't know a Group 31 existed, because it is a commercial battery, and Group 31 didn't even appear on the Group size chart I found on thew web. Probably that chart was for passenger cars or light-duty applications. I found that all the local auto parts places had Group 31 in stock. It has 950 or higher CCA. I bought one, installed it and I am back in business. As it turns out, your answer wasn't what I needed or useful, but I consider that to be part of the process of finding information I need.


Note, I also could have seleted an Optima AGM battery that would have fit dimensionally and had ample CCA, but that would have been more $240 instead of the $150 for the conventional battery that I bought. So that's the whole story.

Thank you for that

So thTrogan battery was not the OEM
we used group 31 in the Trucks, and Reefer units,
But I recall them to be bigger than that size you had

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