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Windows 7, if you forget the windows log in PW, is there a

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Windows 7, if you forget the windows log in PW, is there a way to log in to windows on my desk top?

Just to clarify, basically, you have forgotten your Windows 7 password ***** you need to know how to get past it so you can get back into your computer?

Customer: replied 22 days ago.

Alright, give me a few moments to put together your answer. This is possible. We can use tools to boot your computer and actually remove the password. There are multiple ways to do this, I am going to give you what I believe is the easiest. You WILL need another computer to download the file(s), and a USB drive to install them on so you can boot your PC that is locked to the USB and not the Hard Drive.

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  1. Download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
    - For use with a bootable CD
    - For use with a bootable USB drive
  2. After burning the files to your CD or USB drive, insert the media and reboot your PC, telling it to reboot to the CD or USB and not the hard drive
  3. Once the program starts you should see this. Press Enter to continue.
  4. It would list all the Windows partitions on the drive with numbers next to them. If there is a single Windows OS installed on your computer, just type the number 1 and press Enter.
  5. Now it will ask to select the part of registry to be loaded for editing. Since we want to reset Windows user password ***** in the SAM registry file, we have to type 1 and press Enter.
  6. We will now be presented with the chntpw Main Interactive Menu. Type 1 and press Enter.
  7. It will now list all the user accounts found in the SAM database and prompt to select the user.
  8. After we select the user, we will be prompted to select an action from options to clear password, unlock and enable user account, or promote user to administrator. To reset the password, simply type 1 and press Enter.
  9. Once the password ***** ***** we can proceed to quit by typing q.
  10. Type q to exit the chntpw program.
  11. Type y and press Enter to write the changes.
  12. Remove the USB or CD and reboot your PC. You can now log in without a password!
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