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Yesterday I spent about 90 minutes with Kamil Anwar to get

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Yesterday I spent about 90 minutes with Kamil Anwar to get my Epson xp-640 printer to print a Word document. At that time I had to leave for an appointment but he was able to print another word doc that he created. He said that he thought there was something wrong with my document. The problem was that my print kept trying to print in cd/dvd mode. I have created a new document and tried to print it but the printer still reverts to cd/dvd mode. The problem still remains unsolved. Can someone help me so I can print my document?

Sorry for the delay, we are busy and I've just got to your question.
How long has this been happening?

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Just started last week
Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Kamil deleted all my existing Epson files and entered new ones but that doesn't seem to have worked. If you feel direct access to my computer/printer would work better I can go that way. I don't want to have to pay for a fix that doesn't work.

The remote would be the best and I can refund it in full If it does not get fixed

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OK - to allow me to connect to your PC/MAC, you must install remote access software. The software is below, use the "Family and Friends" version. It's free.
Once installed I need the ID and Password ***** displays, i do not need the one you created, I am looking for the one that TeamViewer gives you when you open the program.