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I think that this question was sent to a lawyer- please

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I think that this question was sent to a lawyer- please cancel that request- this is a Computer question- I got a ruling from the Federal court. It never arrived at my computer. 5 weeks later I called them up to to ask if there had been a decision. I think that I then found it on my server. I think that it was still highlighted as if to indicate that it had not been opened. Could this have been an indication that it had not been forwarded to me? How could it happen that it was not forwarded? Is there something I can do to make certain that this doesn't happen again? This was a special kind of email that would indicate to the sender if it had been opened. But apparently one can only view it for 15 days, and then the content is no longer available. How does that work? Do the senders get a copy of something indicating the day that it was opened? Later I went back to look for it. It was no longer on my server. I do not recall erasing it. I can not imagine that I did that. But I had just gotten out of the hospital for a gout attack, and was on medication that prevented me from being able to multiply 8 times 8 in my head. Perhaps I tried to send it to myself? I do not recall trying to send it to myself, but I suppose it is possible that I might have tried something like that???. Is there some explanation of why it never got forwarded to my computer? Is there some explanation for how it might disappear all by itself?
Thanks, Confused

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you today. To make sure I don’t miss anything, please give me a minute to review your question.

A​n email that requests a read receipt (confirmation that it has been read) sends an email to the sender when it has been opened. To know when it was forwarded you will have to check the date on the email. Is it possible that it just got lost in your inbox and you did not see it until later? There should be no reason for it to disappear, and if you check your email online it should definitely be there as soon as someone sends it.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.

If you have any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If finished, please take a moment to rate my service using the stars at the top of this page. Thank you, ***** ***** a great day!

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I am pretty stupid with computers. Let me try again. From the beginning.
1- I did not find the email in my computer inbox. but I later found it in my server. It was highlighted. Some are highlighted, and some are not. If it is highlighted- does that mean that it was not forwarded to me? It can not be lost in my inbox. I have looked for it by date. Is there some explanation of why it is Not in my inbox? Could it be in some junk mail file?
Is it possible that it simply somehow never got sent to my computer. and just stayed in the server file?
2- Suppose the email is only available for 15 days, and I open it 45 days alter. Will it still send an email showing when I opened it?
3- Is there any possible way that an email could disappear all by itself from the server, after I opened it? If not- then what might I have done to make it disappear? Could I have tried to forward it to me? or something like that?
I apologize for questions that may not make sense- please try your best- I will eventually figure out what I need.
thanks, Confused

1 - How do you access your server? If it is highlighted that just means that it has not been read. If other mail is going to your computer from the server it is not possible that that one individually did not get sent and stayed on the server. It is possible that it went to a junk mail folder if you have one.

2 - It should still send an email saying that you read it, yes.

3. No, it is not possible that an email could disappear from a server without you doing anything. If you have your computer set up to receive messages from your server there should be no reason you need to forward it to yourself, it should be delivered to you automatically.

Does that answer your questions?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
You are being very helpful- thanks!
1- So- presumably, the email got sent to my computer, but it was still highlighted on the server because it had Not been read?
Are you saying that my computer returns a signal to the server, and tells the server when I read an email that is in my personal computer? and then the server changes it from "highlighted" to "normal"? WOW!
Should I still be able to find the email on my computer? or- is it possible that it somehow went straight to TRASH? in which case I might have deleted it when doing a normal delete of the stuff in my trash?
2- So even though the feds erased the email from their computer, telling them that I had opened the letter 45 days late, that letter would still be available to them on their server! But what if the letter was only available to me (to view) for 15 days, and I tried to open it 45 days later. Would they still get a letter saying that I tried to open it- but could not because it was no longer available?
3- The email did in fact disappear from my server. I have searched for it with the exact date. What kind of a blunder might I have done to cause it to disappear? I just can not imagine that I right clicked, and then deleted it. I just simply would Not have done that. (unless I am losing my mind?) Hopefully there is some other possible explanation??
I am starting to get clarity- Thanks- Confused

1 - Yes, that is correct. If you never deleted it and it was not put in Spam you should be able to find it. But if either of those things happened you won't

2 - It is rare that an email has an expiry date but if that is the case then yes, they still could have gotten a message saying you tried to read it.

3 - I can't think of any reason an email would disappear from your server unless there are settings to delete emails after a certain period of time or you deleted it yourself.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I am really sorry. I am not computer literate. I literally do not understand one word of your reply to question #1.
"Yes, that is correct." What is correct?
"If you never deleted it and it was not put in Spam you should be able to find it."
What is spam? Is that the same as putting an email into "Trash" or "Junk" mail?
Or does my computer put things into "spam" if it finds the email to be suspicious?
"But if either of those things happened you won't"
either of what two things. Please specifically state the two things that you are talking about.
2- I sometimes agree to accept legal notifications (such as motions from opposing council, and final judgements) with email. To do this I waive my legal right to have them sent through regular mail. Emails from the state "expire" in 90 days. If you try after 90 days you get this. """The served document that you are trying to access has expired. All eServe documents are available for 90 days after they have been served. Please contact the service provider to restore access to the served document."""
I was told that notification emails, from the feds, are only available for 15 days. But since I do not have a copy of it, I will research it tomorrow. (Monday).
3- There is no setting to ever delete any emails from my server. Thus I gather it is your confirmed opinion that I must have right clicked on the document and "intentionally" deleted it. YIKES! I just can not believe that I would do that. OK- I will look for it again, (when I ahve the strength) and if it is still not there- I will admit myself into a mental institution.
Please be patient with me- I was very medicated at the time this all happened, and I may just be missing some very important piece of information?
Keep up the good work- I am determined to understand this- Confused
It is correct that the email got sent to your computer but was still highlighted because it had not been read. Spam is the same as junk mail.
The two things I was speaking of were if it went to the trash or if you had deleted it.
As for #3, it does appear you must have deleted it
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
For the first time ever, I have just clicked on a file called, "spam"
I have been using email for over ten years, and I have never opened it before.
There is a lot of stuff in there. Even some for today. Even one that I would have liked to see come to my "inbox".
But the first one goes back only a month. 5/19/2017
Does spam erase itself after 30 days? Is that standard? Does it erase for most computers after 30 days?
If so- then the notification from the feds sent on November 23, 2016 would have already been erased before I even ever tried to look for it on Dec, 3, 2016
If I continually get mail from someone that I do not want- can I have it sent to my spam file? How do I do that?
Is it likely that a government email like (*****@******.***) would get sent into the spam file? That is the notification address for the district court. I do not have the notification address for the federal court.
Is it possible that such an email could somehow go directly into "Trash"?
Perhaps this is starting to make sense.
Perhaps they can send me a test email, and I can follow it?
I will try to contact the company that makes the federal government notification documents available to see how long they keep them on line, and to find out if I opened the government document that I may have somehow deleted.while I was medicated.
In order to delete it, I must have right clicked, and then hit delete. That just does not seem possible. It must still be in there somewhere. I will get someone to help me look for it.
I think we are getting nearly finished- but I would like to think about it just a little longer. Make certain that I am not missing anything. Try to come up with a final theory of what must have happened. My friends laugh at me for being so computer illiterate.
Thanks, Confused

Yes, spam usually erases itself after a set time, typically 30 days. It's quite possible that the message would have gone to Spam, that happens very often. You can save someone's email address to your contacts to prevent it from going to spam.

No email would ever go directly to Trash.

It would be a good test to have them send you a test message.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Just for your head- so that you will know if it ever comes up- I have had email go directly to trash. It was only One, or at most Two- addresses. And while I was in contact with that person, I used to check my trash every couple of days in order to find the email which was alway highlighted, to indicate that it had not been read. and then I would move it to my inbox.
Hard to believe? I am absolutely certain of it! It has not happened again for many years.
This important information might save your life one day- under some very bizarre set of circumstances? But not to worry- I will still tip you.

Interesting. I have never heard of that. Thank you for letting me know.

Do you have any other questions at this time?

If you have any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If finished, please take a moment to rate my service using the stars at the top of this page. Thank you, ***** ***** a great day!

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Did I tip you?
I think I tried, but I am not certain if it went through.
If not- Please send me an address for sending a tip.

Yes, you did, and thank you so much, I really appreciate it.