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I need a very simple answer right now. I explained that all

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I need a very simple answer right now. I explained that all is likely just fine, I just want to confirm it.
I just hooked up an HP ENVY 4520 and all looks fine, but signing up for the ink cartridge deal in the middle of the process seems to have messages popping up indicating that I may not have fully completed my registration etc.Again, David Packard's father and my own father's father were brothers. Please resolve this issue very soon, I do not need a University of California, Berkeley computer engineer to help me.I entered all requested data and just want to confirm that I am "good" and can expect no more "issues". Thank you, ***** ***** M.S.

Hello Mark Packard,

You are correct. That message regarding the ink cartridges & registration is something that is additional to the actual installation and can be ignored.

As long as the printer is now working, you are all set and good to go.

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Thank you,
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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I can certainly afford the fee I saw for this once I clicked on the icon, but I just bought this printer yesterday and know the history and reputation or your company better than many of your employees, and would be very disappointed to see any charge or fee for the time I have spent doing this as well as the time you and your colleagues have - just out of principle. I do thank you, ***** ***** imagine you are a positive asset to HP, a company I have a strong affinity for. Mark