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How do I make a system back-up for windows 10. I have an H P

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How do I make a system back-up for windows 10. I have an H P all-in-one purchased in Dec 2016.

Hi there, I am Cris and will be glad to assist you.

Do you want to make routine backups of your Windows PC is that correct?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I never made a recovery disc whe I got the computer. I need a system recovery and then I need to back up my information
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I looked on line and the directions said to right click start, then click on File History. File History is not one of the options on the menu
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I do not want to pay extra for secure connect

Do you have a external hard drive plugged into your PC?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
If I get another request to buy secure connect, I will ask for another expert!!!

The request are system generated I am not sending them.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.

OK, we will need to routine backups through Windows 10 settings. To do so you will need a external hard drive do you have one?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I have a Lexar 64 GB that only has my Quicken on it

OK, not sure if that will be enough space to setup a backup.

Next you will need a flash drive or disc to create a recovery disk. I will provide you instructions. Give me a moment.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
How much do I need? I have dozens of never used CDs and DVDs
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
The DVDs hold 700 mbs the flash has 64 gigs which seems like a lot

To Create a Recovery Media for your PC. You will actually need a flash drive I apologize not a CD.

  1. Connect the USB drive to your computer, and then type “recovery drive” into the search box. In the listed results, select “Create a recovery drive”.
  2. n the pop out window, check the option “Back up system files to the recovery drive” and hit “Next”.
  3. Then select the USB flash drive you prepared, and click”Next” to continue.

  4. On the next screen, click “Create” to begin creating the recovery drive

I will provide you instructions next for creating routine backups.

You will need a flash drive the disc does not hold enough for the recovery.

To setup a backup on your PC.

Select the Start​ button, select Settings > Update & security > Backup > Add a drive, and then choose an external drive for your Backups.

The backup is now all set. It will backup your files every hour and create space as necessary. Let me know the if have any further questions.

Please take a moment to rate my service and submit at the top.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
when I clicked create a recovery drive I got a window asking if I wanted to let this change my computer with "NO" higlighted. when I clicked NO it end the recovery request

You have to click on Yes it just a warning prompt.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
when I clicked yes it start making something, but it never asked me to select a drive

It will ask you because doing anything because it has to provide you the option on what drive you want to place it on.

Unless you went to fast through the process.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I didn't go fast, it just started when I clicked yes on that window . Now it is a big white window the says recovery in small letters on top and has a 1 inch green bar moving rapidly from left to right
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
there is an icon for the item identified as 'recovery media creator'
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
It seems to have a cancel option. Should I try to cancel?

I don't know what it is creating the recovery on.

What do you have plugged in?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I had the flash drive plugged in. It just said I had ti install a drive with at least 16 GB, but the only option was to cancel. I tried reinstalling the flash but it had no effect. I am now running it again without the flash and hoping it will request the flash when it finishes and allow me to click next

If you had the flash drive plugged in then it should have defaulted there. OK let me know the outcome.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
It just disappeared while i was tying to you. I am now trying again with the flash in place

OK, sounds good let me know.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
it seems to be creating recovery system now and it looks like it will take a while. It said it was going to erase everything on the drive first. It was so hard to get here that I let it. It should only take 16 out of 64 gigs. Will I be able to save my document and quicken on the flash drive later along with the system recovery?


No you cannot the Flash is erased and a image is placed on there nothing can go on the drive. If so, the USB flash drive will not function properly if needed for a restore.

You will need another flash drive or portable drive to setup your routinely backups.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Please take a moment to rate my service and submit at the top.


I wanted to follow up and see if you had any further questions?

Please take a moment to rate my service and submit at the top so I am credited for assisting you.



Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I think I have it the wizard said finished. Windows 10 does not show the drive the earlier versions did, What kind of external drive do I use for back-up?

I recommend a portable external drive. At least 500GB or higher, the backups occur every hour while the PC is turned on.

Then it removes older backups automatically when space is needed.

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