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Had Microsoft Windows 10 on this computer. The OS has to be

Customer Question

Had Microsoft Windows 10 on this computer. The OS has to be rebuilt and the technician put on win 8.0. He did not have Win 10. I got it as a free download last year. Worked perfectly.
Can I still get a free Win 10 download to replace the one that was defective. This Dell Inspiron worked well with the 64 bit version. But since the OS is newly rebuilt, it will not hae the same key. Help
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 4 months ago.


I am sorry to report, but Microsoft stopped offering the free upgrade to Windows 10. As you mentioned the only way to get Windows 10 now is to purchase a license from Microsoft, which can be done on the page that follows.

Purchase Windows 10:

In short, if you really wish to install Windows 10, you will have to pay Microsoft for a license. I wish there was some other way because a lot of people are facing the same issue as you.

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