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I am new to Voipo. I understood when I signed up that I

Customer Question

Hi, My name is Rosemarie *****. I am new to Voipo. I understood when I signed up that I would get unlimited calls to U,S. and Canada. I have a friend in Canada and I can reach her just fine. I have family and friends in Alaska and I cannot reach them. Why? Alaska is still part of the U.S. Right? My son was moving from the Philippines to Barrow, AK and I have been waiting to hear from them. When time marched along and I didn't hear anything, I got concerned. I got even more concerned when I was told I could not call area code 907. Why?Sure hope I didn't make a mistake when I signed up for Voipo. RF

Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  UranIT replied 5 months ago.

Hello Rosemarie and thanks for using, pay-per-answer website,
I am Serge and I will try my best to assist you.

When you signed up for Voipo, which plan did you chose?

Expert:  UranIT replied 5 months ago.

Alaska is not part of Continental US, but Yes, you can call to Alaska but it will be considered long distance call. You need to enable international calling in order to call to Alaska.

So. login to your Voip account, enable International Calling and try making a call.

According to VOIP website - calls to Alaska area code 907 are billed at 6 cents/min. this will be additional to your monthly service fee.

Hope my answer was helpful , if you have any further questions please feel free to ask them, and if you are happy with the answer, please rate me with stars on top of the page.

Expert:  UranIT replied 5 months ago.

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