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Is a company named Best Tech 247 a Microsoft partner? I have

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Is a company named Best Tech 247 a Microsoft partner ? I have a phone number for
customer service 1-***-***-****. Also a technician number 1-***-***-****
Name David Ext 422. I think I may have been scammed last Friday. They popped up on the screen while I was using the computer and said my IP was compromised. That they would shut the computer down if I did not get it fixed right then & there. I got extremely nervous
and signed an agreement on line. What I got was 3 months unlimited Tech support and life time security on my Ip address. They got $301.00 and I had to use my Cabela's credit card
and do the transaction directly with Cabelas. Then they supposedly fixed me up. I called David on Monday at ext 422 and talked to him again. he tried to assure me they were a good company. I also looked them up at and found several of Davids notes and some old complaints about the company. Need your advice. Was I scammed or are the a good company?
Thank You *****

Hi Tom, my name is ***** ***** I'll be happy to help you with this!

The pop-up message that came onto your screen was not legitimate. This is a scam that is going around right now where you will encounter a message saying that your computer has been hacked or you have a virus or something along those lines and that you need to call a number to have the problem fixed. The whole thing just a ploy to get money from you.

The way it works is that small tech companies will pay third-party advertisers to insert their phone numbers into these pop up messages. So what you're actually seeing is a carefully crafted advertisement. As you experienced, once you call the number they will try to sell you on a support package.

Sometimes these companies will claim to be Microsoft (or a Microsoft partner) or HP or some other well known company. However, Microsoft has released a statement saying they never contact customers directly about computer issues and that all contact must first be initiated by the customer.

If you receive these messages in the future, simply close them out. If it won't let you close it out, then you can hold down the power button on your computer for 5 to 10 seconds to do a hard shutdown. Once you restart your computer the message should be gone.

Regarding the money you spent, you can request a refund from the company. If they refuse it give it back to you, you can call your bank and have them do what's called a chargeback, where they reverse the charge.

If you have any other questions on this, just let me know and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

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