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Dustin, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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Experience:  I speak PC fluently, so you dont have to! Worked in The US Army as A Network Switching Systems Operator/Controller
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Lenovo 80R4 working fine- off for the night, now won`t turn

Customer Question

Lenovo 80R4 working fine- off for the night, now won`t turn on. No light at power switch now. Less than 6 months old...
JA: Just to clarify, what's the exact model of your Lenovo? And what operating system are you running?
Customer: Flex 3 1580. Model 80r4 windows 10
JA: Have you installed any updates recently?
Customer: I have installed none. It seems to get automatic updates.
JA: Anything else you want the computer expert to know before I connect you?
Customer: No. no problems before this failure. Worked fine the night before... batt holds charge etc..
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Bob James replied 8 months ago.


Thank you for using
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help.

Is there anything displayed on the monitor?

What happens if you hold the power button in for 20 seconds?

- After you've done the above (hold power button), what happens when you press the power button again normally/quickly?

Do you have it connected or disconnected from the power supply / charger?

- What happens if you disconnect / connect from/to the power supply charger?


Customer: replied 8 months ago.
No offense- but my 1st comment is that it won`t turn on. How could there be anything on the screen??
Expert:  Bob James replied 8 months ago.

Please Note:
With my 2nd response, an automatic "Premium Service" offer will be made. Please disregard it, as it will not help in this case.

No offense taken, people mean different things by "it won't turn on" - I'm just trying to cover all the bases.

Please respond to the other questions so I can help further.



Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I have tried all the button holding tricks. Nothing. I also stated that I have no light at the power switch which means it was plugged in. Did you receive this info?
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I have tried turning it on with and without the power cord. Batt had about 70% charge when I used it the night before.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
As I also stated, plugging it to the charger doesn`t cause the light in the power switch to come on.
Expert:  Bob James replied 8 months ago.

Yes, I received all the info and I just don't want to assume anything - which is why I ask the questions. To follow up on the "no light at the power switch", could you please clarify this? Do you mean on the power supply? Do you mean on/by the Power button on the laptop? Do you mean on the surge protector/power strip? Have you tried another power outlet in another room maybe?

Again, I can't assume anything, so I ask questions because information in a "chat" forum like this is sometimes not complete, so I apologize in advance if you have done all of these things. I'm just trying to help.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Power is fine- checked with other outlets. But it should come on anyway- the batt was fine. By ``light`` I mean that on this model there is a light on the off/on switch on the side of the computer which indicates power. This no longer comes on when plugged in.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Btw- as I try to answer you offers for `free trial` come on and move the page and I can`t see the typing space until I exit from the offer and scroll back to the typing area. Extremely annoying. Did it once while typing this!!!!
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Expert:  Bob James replied 8 months ago.

I understand about the pop-ups. Please know that I am a "member-professional" just like you are a "member-customer", I use the site just like anybody else does. I do not administer or develop the site, I don't handle any accounting, I simply do my best to answer questions and/or, when appropriate, provide clear direction for the best solution. In this case, since the computer is less than six months new, my best advice is to take advantage of the warranty you should have with the manufacturer.

I am going to respectfully ***** ***** as I just don't feel we have made a good connection. This inquiry will be open to other professionals if they feel they have a better solution.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Understood. I gave you the information to share with the site. I will do the same.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
If I feel this isn`t working for me how can I be refunded? Thanks..
Expert:  Bob James replied 8 months ago.

There are two ways to communicate with Customer Service:
Via the website -
By email -***@******.***

Expert:  Dustin replied 8 months ago.

Welcome to, my name is Dustin.
I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are having, I will do my best to help you resolve it.

If you havent shipped the Lenovo off, there are a few tricks I would like to try first.

This guide will show you how to remove the battery.

lets remove the battery for five minutes, and while the battery is removed, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then.. After five minutes has passed..

Try to power up with just the power cord and no battery, what happens?

If nothing happens, reattach the battery and try to power up again.. What happens then?

Dustin S.