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My wife has a Lenovo W520 that will not charge or run. She

Customer Question

My wife has a Lenovo W520 that will not charge or run. She says that she first noticed the problem when plugging the AC adapter into the laptop, and she says the plug felt “strange” and hard to insert. Once she got it in, there was no beep, and the taskbar icon did not show it charging. Also, the battery charge icon on the outside of the case does not light up. She is concerned she may have somehow damaged the receptacle in the laptop, but it looks fine and feels normal when I plug the adapter in now.
We know her AC adapter is good, because we tested it with another w520 and it charged normally. And we tried her W510 with another w520 adapter and it still did not charge.
We ordered a new battery, and that does not work either, same issue.
I’ve tried draining the capacitors, battery out, adapter unplugged, and nothing happens.
The old battery is completely flat now, and the new battery arrived completely uncharged, so the system will not even start to boot.
If this seems like a software issue I could arrange to borrow a charged battery from another 520 so I could boot the system.
My guess at this point is that this is a hardware problem, something in the charging circuit has fried/failed.
What do you recommend? Thanks.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Tim replied 8 months ago.

Sounds like the power port on the motherboard went out, which would prevent it from booting, or charging a battery. Any smells?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
No smells. I think you're right about the motherboard. That's what I thought, but was hoping you had another idea.
Expert:  Tim replied 8 months ago.

No, saddly i don't. you provided enough info to ID that with a 90% chance that it is the cause....Sorry, my job is to tell people the truth, there is no sugar coat here. With laptops as they are, its going to be cheaper to replace it, than repair it, or so i'd guess.

Expert:  Tim replied 8 months ago.

Please take the time to rate my service in the upper right hand corner, as i do this for a living. I'm more than willing to help and answer anything else, but this seems pretty cut and dry. If you are going to leave me a negative rating, please do not rate at all.

- Tim

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