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I just bought a Lenovo M900 ThinkCentre tiny desktop.

Customer Question

I just bought a Lenovo M900 ThinkCentre tiny desktop. Everything runs wonderfully except the Lenovo logo splash screen lasts for 75 seconds before the video goes dark for a second and then Windows 10 starts booting. The SSD drive boots up in just a few seconds. But that initial 75 second wait time is ridiculous. Is there any way to shorten that to just 5 seconds so I can get on with my life?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Tim replied 11 months ago.

Hi I'm Tim and will do my best to assist.....sounds either the boot order is off or fast boot is off, but much more than likely it's looking to boot from another device.....make sure there is no CD or DVD in the drive.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Tim, Thanks for your response. This computer has no cd/dvd drive, and the only drive installed is a 240gb SSD. I'm not sure where to find "fast boot" but I have searched the BIOS. It has four USB 3.0 ports and the only device installed is a wireless keyboard/mouse dongle. The 75 second delay before booting is almost painful. Any other suggestions?
Expert:  Tim replied 11 months ago.

So sorry for the delay, I'm in the middle of moving. Kirk, that's odd....and the bios setting should be pretty obvious, but even with fast boot on, there is a very small diffidence. When did this behavior start, was it with the new SSD? Again, sorry for the late delay, if you like I can pass you on to another expert.....Let me know, either way I am happy to help or pass you on.

How old is the Machine?

When did the SSD get installed?

When it boots up does the the CD/DVD drive light up (even with out a disk)?

Did you do an upgrade to Windows 10? If so is there any time line coloration here?

- Tim

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