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I am unable to sign up for any of your plans -- no response

Customer Question

I am unable to sign up for any of your plans -- no response for any of the ones I tried to click on or get rid of the check in any of the boxes. I tried to do "/Best Value" and no response. I need help NOW. If you're going to charge for it, at least tell me how to pay and get a response,I need to speak to a technician, not get some email response, which is never relevant or works. I've agreed to spend a lot of money on this and I need a technician now -- not in 24 hours. And not in an email. When I tried to go to the "next page" so that I could pay even more, there was no "next page." I do not want your "Just Answer" website -- it's worthless. I want to pay for this and actually TALK to a technician. /thank you.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 10 months ago.

Hello, and Thank You for choosing
My name is ***** ***** I am reviewing your question now, please stand by for 1 or 2 minute for reply.

Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 10 months ago.

If you would like to have a phone call instead of emailing and text chatting in this forum, I can certainly call you instead.


However, i dont know what the issue is calling you without knowing is kind of the cart before the horse.


This is what i understand so want to sign up for ANY of "our" plans? WHO?

I mean JustAnswer does provide phone calls, but that is an ADDITIONAL service.


Or if you like, i can make a connection to your computer so i can help walk you through any issues you are having? But remote service, like the phone service, is an additional charge.


Let me know.

Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 10 months ago.

Sorry, but your payment failed, you will have to resolve this before we can continue.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
As usual, I tried to check "Secure Remote Assistance requested" a number of times and NOTHING HAPPENED. No connection to anything, not arrow or hand telling me that they were going to send my request. I know I sent MY "expert private contact service" for about the 3rd time but I want YOURS -- and not the useless Just Answer "service' which I've been through in detail -- and it is useless. I don't "text chat" and don't want an email response. I want to talk to a technicianHow you don't know what the problem is eludes me: I've described it a number of times. I am a lawyer and can't sit around waiting for an email or waiting 24 hours, apparently on the assumption it's going to be an email or a completely useless Just Answer referral. I need to be able begin an email draft, answer an urgent client request, go to a meeting, etc. So I want to save what I've written and be able to get back to it to finish it. This is not a complicated request. But I need to talk with a real live technician so he can talk me through it if necessary and we can make sure it works. Because so far this morning, for instance, I worked on an important email for more than an hour, then had to go to a required client meeting. I tried everything I could think of it to save it but when I got back, all my work was gone. Simple question; should be simple answer, but I'll pay what it takes.
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 10 months ago.

Thats not it works......thats why you are confused.

WHen you click on Secure remote assistance, you dont connect AUTOMATICALLY.

Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 10 months ago.

I want to help you i really do.

BUt the bets way is NOT a phone call, but to do a REMOTE CONNECTION.

That way i can SEE your screen, and SHOW YOU EXACTLY how it works, and how to save a DRAFT email.


But there is more than one way to save an email.

YOu can copy it, and paste it into a WOrd document, and when your done, COPY it back to the email and send.

That way, you are NOT relying on the Email program to save it.....Know what i mean?

Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 10 months ago.

I will do the remote connect for NO additional fee, i know your having a hard time.


Let me know when your ready, and i iwll give you the link to connect to remote.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I HAVE responded over and over again and it tells me over and over that my payment information -- which I use over and over again and then, when I try to order whatever extremely over-priced "service" your system tries to sell me (what ever and ever it is) I get told again that it's not a valid number or whatever idiot response your system is trying to gouge me for -- even when I copied it directly from my AmEx card AND HAVE MY HUSBAND check it again "just to be sure," I get the same stupid response about putting in the "correct" number, I am also told that until I don't "update" I won't be able to be connected with an "Expert," which apparently be a doctor or a vet. And somewhere in you obscure, unworkable system, you have the number, since in one of your company's incompetent staff tried to prompt me with the last 4 numbers WERE correct. And while we're at it, I am offended for your telling me that I am "confused." Must be a woman so the poor dimwit doesn't understand the stupid things I've been told to do over and over again -- none of which works. I learned to read fluently by the time I was in the 2nd grade, so keep your insults for someone else. Thank you
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 10 months ago.


Bye now.

Expert:  Robert M. replied 10 months ago.

please call our customer service at(###) ###-####/p>

they will sort it out for you. Sometimes the website has a block or a limit on a card and sometimes it is your card issuer that is denying the charge.

either way the people in customer service at that number should be able to get it worked out for you

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