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Brent Woolverton
Brent Woolverton,
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When I push the power on button to start my Dell Inspiron 20

Customer Question

When I push the power on button to start my Dell Inspiron 20 Model 3043 nothing happens. The machine does not turn on. The problem is not with the power cord or the adapter. I bought a new one; same result (or lack thereof). Does this indicate that the machine is kaput? Is there a remedy? The machine is less than year old.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Brent Woolverton replied 10 months ago.


Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Dell. We have one last trick that we can try before we call it catastrophic hardware failure. What I would like you to do is unplug the notebook from the AC adapter and remove the battery from the bottom. Once these are out of the unit, press and hold the power button on the notebook for 30 seconds. Once you have completed this step, place back in the AC adapter only and try to turn on the notebook.

If it does not power on, then more than likely a catastrophic hardware failure has occurred. If your notebook is under a year old and purchased brand new (not refurbished) you should be able to contact the Dell technical support number and have it serviced under warranty at no charge.

Expert:  Brent Woolverton replied 10 months ago.

Just in case you need Dell's Technical Support number, it is 1(###) ###-####

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Expert:  Brent Woolverton replied 10 months ago.

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