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Have Michelle call me @314I need to be talked through this

Customer Question

have Michelle call me @314(###) ###-####I need to be talked through this -- Thanks
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Michelle replied 11 months ago.

Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help and resolve the problem you have posted.

Expert:  Michelle replied 11 months ago.

give me few mins i will call you.

Expert:  Michelle replied 11 months ago.

Called up customer checked jutsanswer account no charge for the remote service was there in the account however offered the customer for a complete live phone call and remote assistance at the price of a remote service.

Expert:  Michelle replied 11 months ago.
Customer hi michelle this side
Guest: pass 19731995Customer ok i will check firefox and this email issueCustomer please leave the mouse
Guest: don't touch mouse correctCustomer I am working on my side allow me few mins and let the mouse not moveCustomer i have to run few tools on your computer to speed up and to remove malware and adwares.Customer i have checked the account of justanswer there is no remote service paid for the service,Customer remote access will aitomatically disconnect the session if the service is not purchased.Customer i will send you the remote offer in your email.Customer Update your payment method remote will auto connect, and let me know if you have a question.
Expert:  Michelle replied 11 months ago.

Guest: tried to place order and it say's reenter number which i have done a couple times
Guest: have to go eat im diabetic and sugar dropping . call if need beCustomer take your time and let me know when you are back.Customer i will be back after 5 to 7minsCustomer to check back
Guest: back michelle, tried to pay again. do i have my old email back? i hopeCustomer give me few mins hereCustomer working on your issueCustomer The remote tool is not allowing me to run any tools and update however you need to call the customer care tomorrow morning and get the payment issue fixed i will call you back after its done.Customer Call our Toll-Free Customer Service

US/Canada : 1.***-***-****
Available 6am to 6pm PST
Guest: you mean you will call when the old email and other stuff is doneCustomer i will call and will work on your computer to fix the email issue.Customer let me know the nmber where i can call you.
Guest: 1(###) ###-#### can i use the computer michelle or should i leave it aloneCustomer you can use the computer withot a problem.Customer The session will end now and i will wait for your reply or suggest me a time i can call tomorrw may be in the early evening your time/