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OUTLOOK: time now, if we update meeting request by adding or

Customer Question

OUTLOOK: for some time now, if we update meeting request by adding or deleting invitees, EVEN IF YOU CHOOSE the option to ONLY SEND TO THOSE ADDED OR DELETED, it re-sends to EVERYONE. My IT Dept can't figure it out. Something change with Microsoft?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 1 year ago.


I will be the person helping you today.

I can help you in one of two ways:
1) We will communicate back and forth on this page.
2) Remote support, which would allow me to take a look at the problem and fix it for you while you watch.

In my experiences, remote support saves a lot of time for everybody and is safer because if instructions are not followed correctly, it may make the problem worse or create a new problem.

As a side note, both options are covered by a 100% guarantee and fully refundable, if we are not able to fix your problem.

If you wish to choose the first option, please let me know so we can begin. If you wish to choose the second, better option, then click the Accept this Offer button for Secure Remote Assistance.

Thank you,

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Cannot allow remote access.
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 1 year ago.

1) Are you the only one having this problem on the network?
2) Do you use an active directory system in your network?
3) When did this problem begin?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No, it's all of us Assistants. Not sure what you mean by ACTIVE DIRECTORY system. At times we have Distribution Groups or can put in a name individually. I'm guessing maybe a year ago. Have sent to our HELP Desk a number of times and all they say is NOT SURE and tell us to use the FORWARD option to Add someone. As I said, this doesn't help if you need to REMOVE an attendee.
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 1 year ago.

Okay, please ask your IT team if you use active directory or not.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 1 year ago.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 1 year ago.

Without remoting in, there is nothing more that I can do from my end.

I have run out of ideas.

For this reason, I am opting out of the question and allowing another expert the chance to help.

The next expert will see all that is on this page, so there will be no need to repeat anything.

When another expert picks this up, you will be notified by email.

Thank you for your patience.

- Jason

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Am I being charged $20 for same thing I get from my IT dept then? Just asking.
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.

Hi there, my name is***** few questions for you:

1) If this is something new that just started happening, what's different about how Outlook used to work and how it works now. For example, have you added any plugins to Outlook such as Live Search Map? If so, please disable the add-in and retry it in Outlook. Some plugins have been known to cause that type of problem.

2) It looks like you already know one work-around, which is forwarding the meeting request, if you're the meeting organizer.

3) Another workaround is to go to the Scheduling Assistant, add the name of the person you want to add to the meeting where it says "Click here to add a new name," and then uncheck everyone else. When you click Send, it should only send to those who are checked.

Please give these things a try and chat me back to let me know if it fixes the problem. If it doesn't, I have a few more things to ask you. Thanks!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Never guys obviously don't know either. I work for a company with 40,000 employees. My IT dept does not always let us know every little change but at least 30 of the Exec Assts here have complained. IT says they have no idea so I'm guessing had they made a change or did an add they'd have said so. This is SOOOOOO annoying. Again, your fix above about the SCHEDULING ASSISTANT may work for ADDING but not removing a name.
I'm logging out. Thanks.
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.

I'm sorry, I just saw this question for the first time, and I was only trying to help you solve your issue.

You have the capability to look at the Add-ins that are installed and to remove an add-in to see if it fixes the problem. The LiveMap add-in, in particular, is known to cause the exact problem you described.

In the meantime, I wanted to make a few suggestions of work-arounds you could try.

If you'll chat me back we can discuss this further.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm taking your note from above and sending in with another FIX ticket to my IT group and seeing if that makes a difference. I'm leaving right now but I appreciate your willingness to help. A WORK AROUND at a big place like this doesn't effect a system fix and I reach out to create meetings to people all over our company. I'll see if I can get our IT guys to look a little deeper. Thanks and have a great evening.
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.

OK, I'll continue to look into it.