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Benjamin Larson
Benjamin Larson, Computer Hardware Engineer
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How can I log into my Eudora account remotely?

Customer Question

How can I log into my Eudora account remotely?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Benjamin Larson replied 1 year ago.

Hi Clint, my name is ***** ***** I would love to help you with your question.

I believe you may have some confusion surrounding your email that is causing you trouble with getting done what you want to get done.

Eudora is a program on your computer that lets you use your email on your computer. So if you want the technically correct answer to your question, we can get your computer setup so you can login remotely using the Internet and that would let you use the program remotely.

I THINK what you are really asking is how can you check your email remotely. If that is the case, can you tell me your email address please? I just need the part after the @ symbol. So or or for example

Once you provide that I can try to research if there is a special website you can use for that email to check your email remotely. Note:if it is a work email, I may not be able to find that since for security reasons most companies only share that info with their employees. In that case, you may be best talking to your employer.

So let me know and I will help!

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