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I use a LG G4 G8 tablet navigations screen. I have installed

Customer Question

I use a LG G4 G8 tablet for my navigations screen. I have installed the UBER Partner application and, with one exception, it works fine.
The exception is as follows:
I have attached the LG tablet to my dash. I turn on the tablet and start the UBER Partner Application. At that time, a map of the Phoenix metropolitan area fills the table screen. A cursor moves across the screen tracking the movement of my car. For purposes of this question, let's call that the "trolling" mode. If I am traveling south, the cursor moves "down-screen." If I am traveling north, the cursor moves up screen. The point is that all times, the screen depicts the map with north up, south down.
Let's assume that I get a "ping" to go pick up a passenger. An Icon representing the location of that passenger will show on the screen. Assume that I am traveling south when I receive the "ping." Let's assume that the prospective passenger is located north and east of my location. Relative to the cursor, the icon will appear above to the right of my position.
Now, I click the "Navigate" (to the passenger) button the screen. Immediately, the screen will rotate 180 degrees showing the direction of travel of the car as "up screen" South will now be at the bottom of the screen and east will be left of the cursor. From that time until I deliver the passenger to his/her destination, the map will always rotate to maintain the movement of the cursor up toward the top of the screen. in other words, the top of the image on the screen will rotate such that the direction of travel is always up.
Obviously, this rotation from a north is always up to a direction of travel is always up can create a moment of confusion. the result is that, on occasion, I immediately turn right to pick up the passenger. However, in one or two seconds the UBER navigation system kicks in I get a make a U-turn, message.
This is time-consuming and to a very small degree dangerous. Most importantly; however, in a large city like Phoenix with center islands and the light metro-train, I may have to proceed several blocks until I can make a safe and legal U-turn.
MY question is as follows:
Is there a way to set the LG G4 G8 tablet so that, before I am actually in a navigation mode, the screen rotates so that the direction of travel is always up?
Such a setting would eliminate the confusion created when the UBER application converts from a "trolling" mode to a navigation mode.
Sincerely, *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-afux62bq- replied 1 year ago.

My name is*****'ll be glad to assist with this matter....

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Would that cost an additional $39.00?Can you connect to my Android G8 Tablet?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please cancel this request
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-afux62bq- replied 1 year ago.

My apologies, I was seeking LG G4 G8 results for you when I'm now realizing you desire results for LG G8. I can provide results if you allow me a few moments. I do apologize for the delay....

Expert:  JACUSTOMER-afux62bq- replied 1 year ago.

The link provided mentions an adaptive Rotation feature Duration 3:50

Expert:  JACUSTOMER-afux62bq- replied 1 year ago.

I really hope this can be of assistance to you....