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1. A power supply that doesn't filter the current properly

Customer Question

1. A power supply that doesn't filter the current properly would most likely have a defective
A. rectifier.
B. resistor.
C. capacitor.
D. transformer.
2. Two technicians are discussing how to measure the voltage outputs of a power supply. Technician A
says that the power supply must be connected to the system and turned on before voltage can be
measured. Technician B says that the voltage must be measured using back probing. Which of the
following statements is correct?
A. Neither technician is correct.
B. Both technicians are correct.
C. Only Technician B is correct.
D. Only Technician A is correct.
3. To troubleshoot problems with incorrect voltages in power supplies, you must
A. unplug and replug the system.
B. remove the power supply to a test bench and apply a DC load.
C. replace all fuses.
D. test with the power supply installed in the system.
4. In addition to protecting against power spikes, a surge suppressor should also provide
A. data line protection.
B. DC conversion.
C. diagnostic capabilities.
D. radio line interference.
5. Two technicians are discussing the distortion that appears sporadically on a monitor. Technician A thinks
it's a bad video driver. Technician B wants to test the system on a different electrical circuit. Which of the
following statements is correct?
A. Neither technician is correct.
B. Both technicians are correct.
C. Only Technician B is correct.
D. Only Technician A is correct.
6. When considering the purchase of a new power supply, what is the maximum ripple that the unit should
A. 10%
B. 2%
C. 1%
D. 7%
7. Power supplies provide current to all the disk drives except for which one?
A. CDRW drives
B. External drives
C. CDR drives
D. DVD drives
8. What is one possible result of adding a secondary fan to a power supply?
A. Line stuttering
B. Overheating
C. Surge suppression
D. High line resistance
9. The power-good signal from the power supply prevents the computer from
A. being damaged by static electricity.
B. accepting current that could damage the system.
C. being damaged by electrical brownouts.
D. accepting current from the rechargeable battery on the motherboard.
10. What voltage would you expect to measure on a red wire from a power supply?
A. –5 VDC
B. +3.3 VDC
C. +5 VDC
D. +12 VDC
11. A digital circuit can be corrupted by electrical noise having a value of
A. 7 volts.
B. 1 volt.
C. 12 volts.
D. 24 volts.
12. Two technicians have calculated the power consumption of a 12 VDC 3-amp device. Technician A
calculated that the device consumes 4 watts of power. Technician B calculated that the device consumes
36 watts of power. Which of the following statements is correct?
A. Both technicians are correct.
B. Only Technician A is correct.
C. Neither technician is correct.
D. Only Technician B is correct.
13. Taking voltage readings on the power supply while the computer system is operating, you use a
technique called
A. back probing.
B. post processing.
C. linear switching.
D. transient voltage suppression.
14. George says that a surge suppressor protects the computer from high-voltage power rushes. Jim says a
line conditioner acts continuously to even out the power from the outlet before it reaches the computer.
Who is correct?
A. Both Jim and George are correct.
B. Neither technician is correct.
C. Only George is correct.
D. Only Jim is correct.
15. A technician needs to isolate an intermittent ground in a computer system. What color wire does the
technician need to look for?
A. Black
B. Green
C. Orange
D. Red
16. A system that reboots without explanation during normal operation is an indication of which of the
A. The power supply is the wrong type for the particular PC
B. The computer is receiving AC power
C. The keyboard and mouse ports are compromised
D. The power supply is bad
17. A technician has a multimeter wired in series as part of the circuit. What is the technician trying to
A. Power consumption
B. Watts
C. Voltage
D. Current
18. Why are P8 and P9 connectors keyed a certain way?
A. So they don't accidentally come loose
B. So you can distinguish them from other connectors
End of exam
C. So they can be connected only one way
D. So they'll fit correctly into an 8-bit or 16-bit slot
19. Which fire extinguisher type would be best suited to extinguish a pile of burning newspapers?
A. Class A
B. Class D
C. Class C
D. Class B
20. A line conditioner is not designed to handle which of these conditions?
A. Bridging brownouts
B. Filtering incoming AC power
C. Suppressing high voltage spikes
D. Converting AC to DC power
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Quiksilver07070 replied 1 year ago.
Wow, seriously.....your going to ask 20 questions all at once...EH?

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