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Rylan Sharpe
Rylan Sharpe, Computer Hardware Engineer
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Asus Essentio Desk top: While ripping a CD, the CD disintegrated

Customer Question

Asus Essentio Desk top: While ripping a CD, the CD disintegrated inside the drive. had to remove the drive to clean out all the particles. After reinstalling the drive and restarting computer, am not able to get past the Bios screen
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Rylan Sharpe replied 1 year ago.
hello, I am sorry to hear about your issue. This seems to be quite an unlucky issue that you experienced! Do you get an error at the bios screen that might give us some hints?
Expert:  Rylan Sharpe replied 1 year ago.
There can be a few reason that the computer will not boot, but the most common would be the motherboard is not able to find the boot drive (SSD or Hard Drive) that has your operating system, so it cannot proceed. This could be caused by a few things. What I suggest is making sure that the SATA wire going from the drive to the motherboard and the Power cable going from the power supply to the drive were not bumped or unplugged. Just wiggle the connections and ensure that they are seated firmly. If that does not help, I would suggest investigating if the CD drive could have been damaged and it causing the computer to hang. To confirm this, please unplug both the SATA and the power wires from the CD drive and let the computer boot.