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We lost power now we can not retrieve voice mail it states

Customer Question

we lost power now we can not retrieve voice mail it states the password ***** ***** and we only have the once password. phone 4424D lucent
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Josh replied 1 year ago.
Hi, I can help you reset the password ***** to 1234 so you can retrieve your voice messages... Reinitialize the password ***** the factory set password ***** 1234 so the user can retrieve messages. 1. Place a call to the voice mail system.Dial [ Intercom] [7] [ 7] [7].Alternatively; press the Voice Mail Access button if one is programmed.2. When prompted for the extension number, enter the system administrator's mailbox number followed by the pound key [#].The system administrator's mailbox is 0.3. When prompted for the password, enter the system administrator's password ***** by the pound key [ #].The factory system administrator password ***** ***** the system administrator's password ***** ***** known, Avaya can reset this password. This service may be billable.4. If the mailbox number is ***** continue to step 9; otherwise continue on to step 5.5. Dial [ 1] for Mailbox Assignments.6. When prompted for the mailbox number enter [ X] [ X] , where X X is the two digit code for the mailbox. [ 0] [1] for mailbox one, and [ 1] [3] for mailbox thirteen. Depending on the version and size of the Voice Messaging system installed, there may be between 4 to 15 mailboxes. The system will tell you which extension number is ***** to the mailbox number entered.If the extension number matches that which needs to be reset, make note of the mailbox number and continue on to step 7.If the extension number does not match that which needs to be reset, repeat this step with a different mailbox number.7. Dial [ *] [#]8. Dial [ *] [7]9. Select option [ 7] to initialize a mailbox password.10. Enter the mailbox number found in step 6 followed by the pound key [ #].11. The password ***** be reset to 1234. Remind the user to change the password ***** after logging in for the first time.