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LeNovo 2:52 AM 4/15/2016 ...

Customer Question

LeNovo 2:52 AM 4/15/2016 ... unfortunately the case number ***** been misplaced...
product 20C600AAUS,
serial PF066F76,
BIOS J9ET96WW (2.1)
passwords: account & screen saver both disabled
battery software not installed...why not?
registration date reads December 9 2015 - the shop owner had filled this out for me.
The laptop is used for volunteer work transcribing their minutes, and whatever else is needed. Thus when this lenovo acts up - this is not good, as they rely on me to do what is necessary.
I do not wish to have a reformat as my programs will need to be reinstalled & I do not
have the available funds to do this right now.
screen not stable, cursor jumps around, and no, my wrists do not touch the touch pad, actually I would like to have the touchpad this disabled.
The touch pad is still too sensitive and is causing problems, even though my wrists are raised when typing; plus the screen will disappear and its contents not available, necessitating starting the page over again, another waste of my time
the shift keys, capslock key, fn, alt are not reliable, a waste of my time having to backtrack
I really did not have the time or money to continually bring this laptop back to the shop to be fixed, nor the extra money to keep buying programs needed that are on the laptop. It is therefore requested that an exchange with or for another model of laptop be offered to me, and whichever route is chosen, that the touchpad be de-activated on any computer that is exchanged for this one.
Also, a desktop was also purchased, the screen picked out for it was substituted for a different screen as well as the CPU as the shop owner thought this was a better deal for me. Well I tried to start it up, but I did not have a manual as to which wire went where. I was provided with a piece of paper with a draft on it. I couldn't read or understand what it was
indicating should be done. As a result this desktop is sitting in storage downstairs and not being used at all.
What a disappointment these purchases have been, I have never had these problems with other laptops/desktops - but I guess 'lemons' come in many sizes, shapes and forms.
I request your assistance in sorting out these problems that have been encountered and causing so much difficulty. I understand there can be problems that may be encountered with computers from time to time, but when it is brought back to the shop, these should be fixed the first time and having it brought back time and time again. this is ridiculous, and there is a limit to my patience in the sense that I am no longer willing to keep bringing the laptop back to wherever for service, just to be told "oh it's a software problem"...nor the extra cash to do so.
There is one other Lenovo dealership in Kelowna, but when I went in to see them, they told me they only handle business laptops, and not personal use laptops. This laptop is used for volunteer services not a business. I was not impressed with them either at all.
In the meantime, the transcription requests are piling up, I sincerely ***** ***** will be able to assist me and to please not again tell me it's a "software problem". thank you.
joan ******
telephone(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Dustin replied 1 year ago.
Welcome to, my name is ***** ***** I will do my best to assist you. Ive read over your entire message Joan, to get started, how long ago did you purchase this laptop and did you purchase it brand new. Was the purchase date near December 9 2015 ?