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Category: Computer
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Gateway NV52 - plugged in, t power button, makes the sounds

Customer Question

Gateway NV52 - plugged in, hit power button, makes the sounds of HDD starting, fan starting, two lights on cab-blue, to show its plugged in and turned on...I think, then 5 seconds later the sounds stop as if at the end of a shut down. No other sounds or lights . Nothing comes up on screen. I tried bending the lid open and at different positions starting it. I took out the battery and took cover off the mem, hdd, and card just to check if loose in slots...nada. I used to fix and troubleshoot lots of pcs and a few laptops , back in a day. Now I'm older, sicker, disabled, and don't remember things too well; so it's harder now . I need help to know which way to go from here. I was going to take it apart whole looking for disconnected cables or poor heat sink, etc. Until I saw your article of help. Can you help an old retired pc repairman whose still trying to help his friends and keep his pride. They used to all call on me about 5 years ago. Now I need help myself. Please?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Josh replied 1 year ago.


It sounds like the computer is overheating and needs a new fan to prevent it from overheating/powering off. I would suggest replacing the fan first then going from there. Let me know if you have anymore specific questions for me regarding this issue.

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