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My computer crashed and a new hard drive was installed. I

Customer Question

My computer crashed and a new hard drive was installed. I then purchased Microsoft word from Best Buy and had it installed. At that time I also purchased a new printer. All were installed by the geek squrd My problem now is that if I receive an email with an attachment I can not open the attachment. What comes up is the following, PDF File "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded". Is this a settings problem and how came it be corrected ? Thank You Dave
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 1 year ago.


I am the person that will be helping you today.

Please, perform the following steps:
- Close all Internet Explorer windows (VERY IMPORTANT STEP)
- Hold down the two following keys at the same time: Windows key and the letter R
- In the box that comes up, type: inetcpL.cpL
- Click the Ok button.
- Click the Advanced tab on the top right
- Click the Reset button
- Click the checkbox and click RESET
- Open Internet Explorer and verify that all is well.

More often than not, such an issues arises when something with the Internet Explorer configuration becomes corrupt. The instructions above will remove the corruption. The instructions above can be used any time in the future if you have another problem with Internet Explorer.

I look forward to your next message below or your rating on the top of this page (choosing of number of Stars and clicking the Submit button)

Please, do not forget to rate my help on this page.

Thank you again,
- Jason