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I have a dell Alien ware computer, laptop. Until recently it

Customer Question

Hi , I have a dell Alien ware computer, laptop.
Until recently it has been working fine, only little problems.
I have a years contract with Guru aid which is a third party that helps me fix minor problems.
The day in Question10/20/2014,I called them with three problems: The DVD player wasn't working, printer wasn't working and there was a caution light in my shut down window.
Turns out he's shift ended and he put me with another technician which after I saw what was going on I started to flip out about the content of my upgrade which was being loaded in 23 different languages. Finally he calmed me down and assured me that things were ok In fact I saw him on a number of languages, hit hide from view and have tape on this of all the languages that were being hid from view. 4 hours later the upload failed, broke the wireless router and left me without PC information. Between Comcast and Guru aid I have over 8 hours plus paying another third party to help with this matter. Currently,
I have no wireless PC information and I am at a loss on where to go now except for the point to NOT let Guru aid back on my PC. Can you outline a help program and a ballpark cost figure? Thank You, ***** ***** Smith(###) ###-####(***) ***-****-cell P.S. I would like you to do the work if need be to fix my computer issues.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.

Hi there Richard and welcome

So right at this moment, can you list the exact problems you have

So if you say computer not working, what is it exactly not doing? eg: Starting up as it will not get past the load screen ect?

Please try to give as much information as possible.

Thank you

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