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Martin, Network Engineer
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On Internet Explorer, was getting both video and audio,

Customer Question

On Internet Explorer, was getting both video and audio, until today. Now white screen with grey exclamation point. Java is up to date. Updated Adobe Shockwave Player today to Still nothing. Adobe Flash Player 19 ActiveX and 19 NPAPI were both installed on 9/22/2015.
On Chrome, I get the video but for weeks (don't know how long) I've been using just Internet Explorer for videos because on Chrome, there is no audio.
So now I have videos with no audio on Chrome, and NO video and NO audio on Internet Explorer.
How do I fix this?
XXXXXXXXX (just call me bobfish)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.
Hello, welcome to JustAnswer my name is ***** ***** I'm one of the experts who will be assisting you today.
Have you had any Windows update run recently? A driver update could have caused the problem.
May I start a remote session so we can work on the problem together from your computer?
Please reply using the box below.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
HEY! I wish you had discount rates for retired people on Social Security and a very small teacher-retirement pension. I forgot to mention that.... It's been a couple of hours since I got disconnected.... I was connected with Martin (CCNA) and we got cut
off due to one of the ways my computer is malfunctioning. Martin, you wanted to remotely connect with my computer. If you want to do that, you might as well know the rest of the story. I have a quad-screens, (2X2) with the system tray on the bottom of screen
3, the lower left-hand screen. My custom computer is a 64-bit setup running Windows 7. And I have Team Viewer 7 installed. I first asked about Internet Explorer running NEITHER video NOR audio content, which glitzed out just yesterday. Chrome loads video but
no audio starting weeks ago. I don't doubt many of my problems come from not running regular maintenance and defragging. I'm afraid to do a windows update. MSI Live Update is supposed to update drivers but it displays funny & I don't feel comfortable updating
the drivers -- I've never done it before. There is also a problem with the cursor or the mouse -- it seems to lose its grasp of windows I am either resizing or moving around, and the window will abruptly change size and go full screen if it's a video, or the
whole display I'm moving will "jump" -- enlarging to a second screen, either laterally or vertically. I thought I could solve some of my problems by purchasing "Special Uninstaller" and uninstalling "Worldwinner Games" which is corrupted, and then re-installing
it, but I cannot locate Worldwinner Games in Programs. I attempted to research the uninstalling of Worldwinner Games after I read that it is difficult to uninstall completely. There is a maddening malfunction in the game "Word Mojo", which consists of a 9X9
square in which to create words from letters you drag up to your selected square, making your own crossword puzzle. In 180 seconds, you get 6 batches of 7 letters, which are to be dragged up by cursor from the supply tray at the bottom. When it works properly
you can rapidly assemble words, and I've scored over 2000 points before. But, now the letters are "slippery" -- that is, you can't hold on to them with the cursor -- they'll do one of several things: a letter will "stick" to the tray and repeated tries won't
move it; or, you can move it almost up the desired square, but it "gets away" and ZINGS back to the tray, or, if you DO get the damned letter positioned exactly over the desired square, it seems to be repulsed from that square -- and ZINGS back to the tray.
Intersperse these tooth-grinding events with a letter "sticking" to a nearby or adjacent square -- and fighting you back if you try to move it.... Talk about frustrating. With all this going on, my score is reduced. I don't know if uninstalling, and then re-installing
Worldwinner Games would get rid of all the corrupted registry entries (I ASSUME I have some corrupted registry entries) but I admit tackling that is just too far beyond my limited computer knowledge. All this is going on with Worldwinner Games in Chrome, and
also WAS doing the same in Internet Explorer, except now, in Internet Explorer, none of the games will load. It's probably the same problem that won't allow videos to load in Internet Explorer. Good Luck. That's all for now. I must ask a favor, that you e-mail
your procedures to me in writing, BECAUSE I have a problem with visual memory -- I'm almost 100% verbal, cognitively and have to have instructions written down. People understand dyslexia, but seem to think that everybody can recall images of things they've
seen, including faces. It's embarrassing, but I can't. I just draw a "blank." And people don't understand if you can't replicate something they have just gone to the trouble to show you....
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

Hello, thank you for your detailed reply, you certainly seem to be experiencing a variety of problems - the reason the remote support connection is additional is because your computer problem is quite complex and will take an undetermined amount of time to fix. I do not think there are a set of instructions I could give you like, step 1 through 6 to get it going normally again since we don't know the root of the problem.

This would require someone with a lot of experience to take a look at it and determine what the underlying cause is, then start fixing it one problem at a time.

Do you agree?