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I have MSN (premium) on a Mac (Safari/Outlook). Am

Customer Question

I have MSN (premium) on a Mac (Safari/Outlook). Am technically not very savvy. Yesterday I was working on an email for a non-profit committee and emailing corrections to the persons involved list. After 7 emails I was shut out of email for the rest of the day saying I had sent my limit! When I wandered around the site trying to figure out what to do, added my cell phone number to Microsofts list, got 2 numbers for security (saw only one on my cell phone initially) and verification and probably entered the wrong one, I then called a Microsoft phone number. Finally got to someone but it has been difficult to understand all that the help people are trying to communicate and I am not opposed to accents in the help department, but really it IS helpful if I can understand! They said to wait 24 hours, someone would call from the tech dept yesterday. Waited to no avail. No email service. And no tech call. Called again today--at least 3 different people. No help. I just cannot send group emails. They have to be singles. I started to do that with my 16 person group and after 4 emails, again, I have sent my quota for the day!! Got a new verification code. Entered it; but nothing has happened yet. Anyone got a suggestion? I could quit MSN, get my money back, and go to another server; I have a lot of stuff stored on my current MSN account. Why didn't the company give us a heads up about this spam prevention program that prevents paying customers from sending more than a couple of emails a day? I am totally frustrated and tired of service people telling me they "understand"--I would just like some helpful action that restores my ability to send email. I have a MAC, and iPhone, and an iPad. This is really limiting. The no group emails is ridiculous. I had and office that sent out 250 emails a month in groupings of 75-80. Is Microsoft going to stop that as well. Sending out a group email to 10-20 people is not spam. I am quite frustrated and short on patience at this point because the work I wanted to get out yesterday still isn't done.***@******.***
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.

is anybody else using the account ?

the limit on normal hotmail is 100 a day. now that would mean 10 group emails to 10 people each.

But msn premium is supposed to be higher.

Just for fun i would try changing the password ***** see if you still have problems when a new day starts tomorrow.