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cvd4311, Computer Analyst
Category: Computer
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Experience:  I have a BA in CIT with over 14 years experience.
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I'm a new customer. I want to purchase 2 DVD notebooks with

Customer Question

i'm a new customer. I want to purchase 2 DVD notebooks with pages to hold the DVDs, and have questions about other pictures i could use rather than the notebook that's shown. Also, I want to know if (since weight is a problem), does the 1" notebook work ok -- how many filled pages of DVDs will it support?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  cvd4311 replied 1 year ago.

Usually the notebooks hold anywhere from 50 to 500 depending on what size you want. I know you said the 1" notebook and some of those hold around 100 of them. As far as weight goes they will weight anywhere from 2 to 8 lbs depending on how many dvd's you put in them. They do have 3 ring dvd binders that hold up to 500 and once fully loaded will weight around 10 pounds or so. Most come with 25 pages. You can get them on ebay and amazon for pretty cheap and is good to transport easy. If you are looking at the ones that roll out they will weight more, hold less and is not easily transportable.

Expert:  cvd4311 replied 1 year ago.

You can also purchase the nylon holder binder for dvd which can hold up to 208 dvd's and it zips closed. It is very easy to transport and once full weighs about 5 lbs or so depending on how much you have in there.

Here is an ebay link that has those and the holders:

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