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I love Google's research capability; but I recently took a

Customer Question

I love Google's research capability; but I recently took a second (gmail) address; and recently gave it up as hopeless for reasons I won't go into here. Now this: For the last couple of weeks, I was traveling; we took my husband's laptop (on which both of us has our own entry) and my iPhone. I often check my aol mail on the iPhone -- and never have had trouble before. I simply use my entry password, and then enter my email with a saved password. For some reason, Google decided to ask for my aol password; and as it happens, I have changed it recently; but Google would not acknowledge either my old or my newer password ***** and aside from keeping me out of aol completely (employing something called "imap"); they subsequently informed me on aol -- via the laptop -- that someone else had my passwords. Only that "someone else" clearly was me. Can you possibly explain this fiasco?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Robert M. replied 1 year ago.

I can explain it though sorting it out may be a lit more difficult

what happened is that when you logged in from a new device in a very different place

aol (it has nothing to do with google you were just using the google chrome browser) flagged it as probably not you as you had never logged in from that device in that place before. so they asked you to do something to prove it was you. putting in a code from an alternate email or phone text perhaps. You did not do it so they assume it was a fraudulent attempt and sent you an email about it

Now if the account is still locked you have to follow whatever steps they outlined in the email to clear it up and get access again.

I can get you my phone number even log into your computer remotely to help you fix it if you like. But as i am not a part of aol i cant just fix it. i can only explain what happened and help you with the steps to clear it up.