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Jins M. N.
Jins M. N., Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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Experience:  Qualified Computer Professional - 12+ years experience. Expert in Computer Hardware & Graphic Design
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I have had my computer GATEWAY taken over by an enemy.

Customer Question

I have had my computer GATEWAY taken over by an enemy. Soemeone (I knew)called and asked me to open The free wkrd Ever since my microsoft word stories are wiped out. I have had novel after novel wiped from my computer. I have asked technicians to see how it is done. Finally, today came up on mycomputer. It appears they take over the keystrokes and sent a dropbox to my address on line. call me at(###) ###-#### ********@******.*** if it is safe since they are listening. I am taking out a Frad case against them.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Jins M. N. replied 1 year ago.
Hello Sir/Madam. Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to help you. I am Jins here to assist you. Please remember these things when we deal with your issue. It may take more than one step/answer to solve a problem. So If my answers don’t work or if you are not satisfied, please don’t Rate my answer as Bad or Poor Service, but please Reply back to me by clicking the “Continue Conversation” or “Reply” button and I will gladly continue to help. Remember, only Rate answer after you are 100% Satisfied. Please do not rate an answer, if you are not satisfied.
Can I remote onto your Machine and have a look at your problem? It’s fully secure and you can see what I am doing at all times. If you wish please accept my remote support offer. Then I can send you the details to connect.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am not financially able to afford your service at the present time as I am committe to the centurylink tech at ease expensivepackasge, so m membershi will be unsatisfactorily unresolved and at $5 and not @35 all total
Expert:  Jins M. N. replied 1 year ago.
I offered the remote support because it is very easy and you can learn the things by watching my work on your system. If you are not comfortable with remote support please do the following by yourself.
Attackers using spywares and trojans to secretly access your system. By removing this type of programs and keep your system clean you can be safe from attackers.
First of all uninstall WebWatcher from your system. Some one may installed it on your system to watch you remotely. Then follow the below steps to remove hidden spywares and trojans.
Restart your computer. Press and release the F8 key continuously when system starts. You will get an advanced boot menu. Select Safe mode with networking and press Enter. Wait a little to complete the boot process.
Now go to ( ) and download malwarebytes anti malware program. You can use its freeware version for home use. Install and launch malwarebytes. Update its database and do a full system scan by following its onscreen instructions. After completing the scan remove all the infections it found.
Then restart your computer. Then go to ( ) and download ccleaner. It is a freeware registry cleaner. Install and launch ccleaner. Click on the registry icon on the left side of ccleaner. Click on Scan for issues button. After completing the scan click on Fix selected issues button.
This will remove almost every malwares and spywares from your computer. After emoving all infections please change all of your passwords like email and banking account passwords.