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I hv sevrl ?s. 1. I hv a numbr of user names, wh/ I started

Customer Question

I hv sevrl ?s.
1. I hv a numbr of user names, wh/ I started b/c I couldnt remembr earlier ones or their PWs. How can I delete them while keeping 1 or two alive. All accts are tied to same person (me, only) .?
2. My son, who works at univ of hi, set me up w/ thunderbird, t-heart, thunder something. For a variety of reasons, I really dont like it. My email "server" (I dont know tech term) is the conduit for getring my email on thundr-wmail.
Is it possible for me to keep my twc/roadrunner email address but actually read and send email feom f-mail, while still having my mail come in & go out thru twc/roadrunner? I need to keep my twc/roadrunner address for peofessional reasons. I would like to send & receive email via the quickest way possible bec. am OLD.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
Hi there!Perhaps the best way to resolve these issues would be if I were to remotely connect to your computer using Teamviewer. Let me know if you would like this service.