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Are the flights booked through Priceline ever standby flights,

Customer Question

Are the flights booked through Priceline ever standby flights, and if so, what are my rights if I don't get called to get on that flight?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Dustin replied 2 years ago.
Welcome, my name is ***** ***** I will assist you today!
As a frequent user of Priceline, I've been put on a standby seat before. That doesn't mean your tickets are standby tickets. Your tickets have the same "rights" as any other economy tickets do. Here's the info from priceline directly.
Being that you have the same rights as any other flier who booked an economy seat directly through the airline, that means you would only ever be on standby if the airline overbooked the flight AND there were enough business class ( or anything above the lowest economy class ticketed passengers) to warranty pushing some of the economy tickets to the next flight.
This has happened to me only once in over 20 usages of priceline over the last 5 years.
Now what the airline I was on did, was offer me a seat on the next flight, as well as a voucher for a free flight in the future.( not bad~) Of course its up to the airlines discretion how they will reimburse you for their miscalculation in overbooking the flight.
How to avoid being on standby? If you have already booked your ticket call the Airline who you are flying with first, ask them what the two earlier flights are that are leaving that day that match your origination point. ( where you are catching the flight at )
Usually for a small fee you can take an earlier flight, 25$ is usual at the airport if you already have a ticket. So if there's a chance your flight is going to be overbooked ( the closer it gets to the date the easier it would be for the airline to confirm this or not ) And if there's a critical event you must be on time for, consider arriving at the airport early. And then talking to the ticket counter and seeing what they can do about letting you catch an earlier flight.
If theres not a critical event you are concerned with, Id almost hope to be put on the standby list due to the plane being overbooked. You'd probably get a free ticket out of it, and maybe a free hotel voucher or food voucher depending on whether the next flight is in an hour, or the next morning.
Back to the initial point of your question, priceline never books standby tickets. Its always economy class, no different then youd booked an economy class ticket through the airline directly.
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Dustin S.
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