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I have been taking care of a terminally ill older gentleman

Customer Question

I have been taking care of a terminally ill older gentleman for 8 years now and am his Power of Attorney for both his medical and financial matters. He is a diabetic of 40 years, who lost one leg 9 years ago when I helped him get onto ODSP. He had to have a quadruple bypass a couple years later. Seven years ago he had to go onto dialysis. Four years ago he fell and broke both hips and while recuperating in the hospital, his wife took a lover and they broke up and she took the kids and moved off with the boyfriend. Just this past December he got an infection in the foot of his good leg which led to having to have it amputated as well making him a double amputee and necessitating a move to a nursing home in order to care for him as I was unable to. I have had him in apartments with home care for the past 4 years using Rogers for his internet/email needs but that had to be cancelled in February. I bought him a laptop for Fathers Day and have been trying to figure out what his password ***** his Facebook is ever since his home computer that he had it on would not let him back into his Facebook account because his email account***@******.*** is no longer active and he cannot remember what his password ***** After the breakup with his wife he had a lot of trouble seeing or hearing from his kids and as he last talked to them in August 2014 before being hospitalized and having to move and then being hospitalized again and then being put in a nursing home. His wife would not let them talk to him but he could communicate with his one son because they were "friends" on Facebook. Once he forgot the password, he lost all communication with his kids as the wife moved around September of last year and is off the grid so to speak. I am so sorry to dump all this on you but ultimately the reason I wanted you to have all the background information is that according to his doctors, this is probably Alex's last Father's Day and if he could just recover his account somehow, it would mean the world to him - a dying man's last wish so to speak. I set him up on Facebook years ago but he only used it to keep in touch with his kids. As I am his Power of Attorney for all his affairs, I have all relevant socioeconomic information but if necessary, as I am going to visit him today for Father's Day, which has always been the most important day of the year to him and I know he will be suicidally depressed because he cannot communicate with his kids, he and I can reconnect with you then if you cannot do anything for me now. Please get right back to me with an idea of what can be done. Surely, thousands of people change their email providers and forget their passwords and don't have to lose their Facebook accounts because of it. The telephone number attached to the account is also not valid because we had to cancel the whole Rogers cable, phone, internet package. I can give you any information on Alex. Please let me know...
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have just been advised that you people are not in any way related to the Facebook organization which is where I went in my search for the answer to this question and are most likely the only people that can help me with this query. Therefore, I wish to withdraw my question and do not expect to see any charges on my credit card AT ALL. If I do I will contact the Better Business Bureau for misrepresentation, etc. and have the charges refused at my Mastercard office. Please respect my wishes on this matter. Wendy Beards
Expert:  Dustin replied 2 years ago.
Hi Wendy, my name is ***** ***** I wanted to respond to your question. I also seen your second reply, and will get to that as well. To start with, Facebook has close to a billion user and business accounts / pages to deal with. They do not offer live help. Also, you cannot contact facebook directly and show them a copy of your id, or other data and prove your an account owner. ( just like every other major online platform , google, yahoo, ) With that being said, I can help you to recovery control of the account mentioned. Do you want to try working together? Or would you rather use the refund link below and seek help elsewhere. I look forward to hearing from you. Dustin S.