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Andy can you help me please a group of people are spreading

Customer Question

Hi Andy can you help me please a group of people are spreading my name and photos all over Facebook,I'm currently on hola day in Miami,and it's spreading that far,I've actually seen it but the guy wouldn't give me his name.can you please stop it.carlo Pacifico.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Carl L replied 2 years ago.
Hi Carlo and welcome to Just Answer, a Question and Answer Company. My name is ***** ***** it will be my pleasure to assist you today.Can you provide me with a link of one of the photos so I can start the process on helping you get these removed?Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi Andy I haven't got anything,I just know I'm all over facebook,photos and my name,it needs to be stoped,it's getting me down Andy so please help.
Expert:  Carl L replied 2 years ago.
The good thing about Facebook is that they take this type of abuse very seriously. Since I can't see any links of these photos, what you need to do is when you find one of these photos or fake accounts of you (If they exist), is select the option to report it. Select the reason for why you are reporting it and if given the option, give a detailed explanation of what's happening. There is a team of dedicated employees who's job is to stop this type of bullying and abuse. They can locate the person's IP Address and ban them while also removing any photo's or accounts they've created.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Andy I don't think it's a fake account,I'm being abused on line,I'm not on facebook,but what's happening is a certain group of people are are tell every one on social media that I'm a bad person,and giving then a run down of me,and saying if you don't care about this person take a photo and post it,it's 100 percent happening Andy,help me please,I can't get in contact with Facebook,and the police said they can't do anything.
Expert:  Carl L replied 2 years ago.
How did you find out about the posts on social media if your not on Facebook? In order to stop this, we will need to know where on the social media these posts are so they can be reported and stopped. If you were to have a direct phone conversation with Facebook, they would require the same information in order to know where to look.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was sat next to someone in a hostel in Miami, and saw it,and under neither it ,it said if you don't care about this person take a all over facebook, an I don't no what to do.

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