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Michael Norman
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I have printer “Canon Printer 8580”, and each Time I print

Customer Question

I have printer “Canon Printer 8580”, and each Time I print I don’t get exact color on the printer.
Therefore , can you please advise me by answering the following questions:
1-How can I correct the printing colors on the printer?
2-How can I calibrate the Canon Printer 8580 ? because the following profiles:
Cannon MF8580/8570/8550/8540/8530 (Normal)
Cannon MF8580/8570/8550/8540/8530 (Photo)
are not printing well.
3-What are the difference between the following drivers:
A-Cannon MF8580C UFRII LT
C-Cannon MF8580C PCL6
D-Cannon MF8580C PCL5c
4-How set the printer to print the same image color quality as I see on the computer monitor?
5-In “PhotoShop application software”, Which of the following is better :
A- “Photoshop Manage the color” or
B- “the printer manage the color”? and how can I do that in both case?
6-If I use copy on the printer control panel,
It will copy more clear than
scan to pc and then print again ? why ? and how can I make the scan/print more clear like the copy from control panel?
7-Do I need a device like color monkey photo to calibrate printer & monitor?
8-How can I calibrate Monitor?
9-How can I set color management in MS Windows 8.1 pro?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Michael Norman replied 2 years ago.

Hello. My name is, Mike. I'd like to try and assist you by providing additional information. The issue you are describing as far as color on your printouts not matching what you see on your screen is actually common. It is a large misconception that what you see as far as colors, shading, etc. on your screen is going to print out and look exactly like that. This is a cause of the color variances between monitor output vs. printer output. So in fact your printer may be functioning perfectly when you think it isn't.

Here is a great resource for soft proofing and explaining how to get a better color match:

Also here is some additional information discussing color matching in great detail: