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In my case at this moment ,had open many many tabs at IE ,my

Customer Question

in my case at this moment ,had open many many tabs at IE ,my system is set that if it get closed it will reopen from last session & crash recovery enabled ,but this time as the system freezed at opening a huge pdf ,I did, end process, at task manager and got all my tabs lost
its somewhere ,this is a computer "can one guide me step by step where in temp files or registry I can still find them all ? am willing even to pay ,
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
hi i am robert and i will see if i can help you
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
were they set up as automatic open every time for your home page or was it just reopen whatever was open when you closed it
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
the second one ;
it used be the first ,but its now the second ;
but after the tabs were gown id did open the home page
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
by the way another thing that got lost,' is savings at favorite while renamed and moved ,it became a file with name META.FM and no way to open this ????
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
so you already checked favorites there should be another tab for HISTORYTHAT should have all of the websites on it though you would have to pull them up one at a time
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
i am not sure what you mean by saving at favorites
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
i assume that you tried just closing and re opening the ie or doing a reboot ? you might also try a system restore if you had the same tabs open for a few days or get lucky to having a restore point at when they were open.your favorites should be in a file named favorites.htm and a search for it should find it and you can reimport it if it doesnt re attach automatically
Expert:  Robert M. replied 2 years ago.
are you still with me ? the is just a junk file that a few things will put there. it has no useful data in it and if you can delete it you can but it wont bother anything being there and sometimes its hard to delete