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My Hp Paviln TouchSmart computer dose not recognize my NexSta

Customer Question

My Hp Paviln TouchSmart computer dose not recognize my NexSta -Cx External 3.5" hard drive, my computer is 8. Windows what do need to get it on line.
It worked on my old HP Pavilion dv6 3160.
Thanks; Paul Kleindl
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 2 years ago.
My name is***** am sorry to hear that you have this issue, I look forward to assisting you today with your question and providing the best answer possible.
Please save this page to favorites( ctrl + d) so that you can reconnect for updating the status..
From your post, i could understand that external HDD is not working.
I assume its a HardDisk enclosure, correct me if i am not.
Could you just check to see if it works on other devices, like connecting it smart TV or other devices that you used to work..
My intention is to make sure that external HDD has no issue.
Please reply
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
yes it worked on my HP-Pavilion with windows 7 before i was robed of it. Insurance paid for replacement with a HP-Pavilion TouchSmart with Windows 8.1
Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 2 years ago.
Dear sir,
You may do this and update status.
1: Connect external drive to computer
2: Press win key and r button on keyboard, this brings run box
3: On run box, type diskmgmt.msc press enter key
This opens Disk Management Window
4: Check how many disks it shows there
eg: Local computer HDD will be labelled as Disk0
Check for Disk1 or Disk2
If there, check for Drive Letter for partitions on that disk.
Please update status
( I wish to have a remote session on your computer. Would you let me know when you are available..)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I open to Drive Unknown 931.51 GB not initialized in box it said 931.51 GB uallocated.
Drive 0 Basic 698.51 GB online.
CD- ROM-0 DVD (E:) .
That is what came up I know there are 150 + pictures on it pluse docutuments on the drive.
Thanks Paul M. Kleindl
Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for reply..
From reply, we could understand that system has trouble detecting external drive properly. That's why you have the message "Drive Unknown 931.51 GB not initialized"
Drive has to be initialized inorder to use. But if you initialize drive you will lose data. The issue can due to incorrect driver or bad enclosure.
You may try connecting to other USB ports on computer, specially usb 2.0 port(black color) and see if it makes any change.
Is your old HP Pavilion dv6 3160 still works, if so i request to take backup of external data and try to initialze it on windows 8 machine. Check it that works after initialize. (After that you can pull data back to external drive)
To initialize drive:
Right click drive from disk mamagement > Click Initilize
Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 2 years ago.
Dear sir, Didn't find you find. Hope you are doing good. Would you please let me know the statusRegards,Fiyaz
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My old computer was taken in a robbery but they did not take my external hard drive. So that is the long of the story Fiyaz.
Thank You; Paul M. Kleindl
Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 2 years ago.
Can you allow me a remote session.
You can download and install remote tool from below link
1: Copy paste above link on browser address bar and press enter key
2: Click "I Agree" button
3: Click "Download" to download tool
4: Double click the downloaded file to run the tool
Please let me know when you have done this